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  1. Hmmm not sure how he would have taken to the premiere league. He’s a massive talent with incredible ability but he’s only been plucked out of Brazil a little over a year ago and he had a very topsy-turvy first season in Spain. Only started getting into the team when they brought in Santi Scolari, but when he hit form he was absolutely brilliant to watch.
  2. Taking a look at the attributes when the save is over will be really interesting... We could make you do a blind test of a couple of your stars and see how close you get Itd be fun maybe when the save is drawing to a close to also hide the physical profile of the player: report card says they are strong in the air = hmmmm target man (aerial type) material... On debut realise he is 5'4
  3. I have had a couple of freezes with that save but it was the one after that it went crazy with them. An as I mentioned I had a good day on it with no issues yesterday. When did the last update come out?
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