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  1. So I had Ndombele as my BBM before him and was completely outshone by Sissoko, I’m my first 2 Seasons Sissoko Averaged a 7.36 Rating, but wanted a younger player to fill the role, so sold Ndombele and got SMS who has been a shadow of the player who had a 7.6+ Avg rating at Lazio It’s where he played at Lazio and was excellent, it’s also the role I needed when he was signed, his attributes are exceptional, and even when I’ve changed formation and style of play, he’s just not influencing games at all
  2. He was recommended as a 100 rated player to be signed whatever the price, bought him in for big money in my Spurs save and he’s been nothing short of terrible, played him in his best position (BBM) and was really poor and barely made any impact, now moved him to a slightly more advance role (AP- Attack) Stats: 48 Games 3 Goals 3 Assists Avg. rating 6.97 He is also complaining about not starting enough games, despite starting the most games of all outfield players so far this season. I’ve spoke to him twice this season and once last season about his form and every time he says he can perform better, I think he’s a lost cause, but he’s been here for only a year and moving him on could unsettle the squad dynamic. Really struggling to get him to perform for me, very similar to last year when I signed him for my Spurs save. He’s on huge wages and also would be very unhappy being transfer listed, but at the moment he’s just not working, just wondering if anyone has got him playing to his best and what position/formation.
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