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  1. Thanks Kyle. It's a shame I can't squeeze any more out the laptop but it had a good run. I appreciate you and the team looking into everything. Thanks again
  2. Hi again, would this model run FM20 and future releases? HP Pavilion Power 15-dk0010na with Intel Core i5-9300H & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB Dedicated) Graphics
  3. Are you able to investigate this crash dump? FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.26 00.06.36).dmp
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. The crashes has been generating dumps which I attached a couple of comments ago, are you able to investigate these? My other games play fine through Steam including the latest Civilization which hasn't crashed once. The only time I've seen this blue screen is when I'm playing FM20. Are you releasing any patches that will fix this driver issue? Is there anything you can do or suggest for me?
  5. Hi there, sorry to rush you but are you able to come back to me some time this morning with any suggestions?
  6. Here are the mini dumps as well 020420-11656-01.dmp 020420-13000-01.dmp
  7. I've got the information from the BSOD as requested. Could you read the following also, this is from the computer engineer looking at my laptop which may be of some use. I look forward to hearing from you. 'The Windows 10 has been installed and brought fully up to date. I have restored the pictures and the save files, for all the games not just FM20. You are welcome to collect your machine when you wish, but I would like more time with it to research the issue, however I understand if you want it back. I have installed a piece of software called “Bluescreenview”. This software analyses th
  8. Yes I've tried this. I'm having my laptop looked at again. Hopefully they can get the blue screen showing in full.
  9. Hi there, I can't get the BSOD to fit to screen to see all the information including the stop code. I've searched online and asked around and the only suggestion I could find is to set the display to (recommended) which I've done to no avail. I've also ran an HDMI cable to a tv which doesn't work either. This isn't a query I should expect you to answer but if you know of a way I can gain the stop code information without the BSOD or if you know of a way I can fit the BSOD to screen I'd be very grateful.
  10. Hi, I've attached an image of the BSoD - not sure what you can glean from it. Only happened once last night which is a big improvement and that was in extra time. I did delete the cache & preferences folder again. Should I delete these every time I play? I feel like I got lucky with only 1 BSoD. I'd like to solve this issue completely. Do you need anymore information from me? Any more suggestions?
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. What more info do you need that I haven't given already? The BSOD doesn't say anything. The screen goes blue then it restarts. I'll take a screen shot tonight to be sure. I've been in touch with Vincent from the help team directly. He asked for the msinfo32 file which I've sent. I'd include it on here but it's over 10mb, you have the dxdiag file by scrolling up. To summarise, I've updated graphics, deleted cache and preference folder, made sure anti-virus isn't interfering, upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1, re-stalled the game a few times and had a solid state dri
  12. Hi there, is anyone going to respond? I notice a new thread I started has been deleted?? This is all pretty poor I have to say. I've been playing this game for years and this experience is quickly overtaking the joy I have for the game.
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