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  1. Thanks how do I send this to you as the file is over 25mb so wont let me via email.
  2. My wage budget is 345k above the wage that is already given per week, meaning Pogba's 300k wage is already paid for and the extra 200k he is asking for should be within the wage that we can offer. Pogba is a key player in the team and plays basically every game. I have tried with the release clause at the lowest value possible and maximum signing on fee and still not able to offer him 500k.
  3. Hi, I currently am in the 2020-21 season, have won everything to date with Man Utd, Paul Pogba's contract is due to run out, he is asking for 500k a week with my board only letting me offer 300k and nothing above. I've given the maximum signing bonus possible, this is annoying as I am going to lose Pogba on a free when I have 345k free in wage a week so can easily afford his wages. Also considering Alexis Sanchez is on 400k already it doesn't make sense that I can't offer higher than 300k for Pogba. Anyone else having this issue and what's the resolution for this.
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