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  1. Austregésilo :~~ following your topic. great achievements! it will be interesting when it goes to the Amazonas state league haha
  2. Austregésilo... maybe it's the funniest name i ever saw in the game haha really is an awesome player good luck on your journey
  3. I read all of your messages. great topic! I am currently playing with Santos, and I realized that in their game they dominate the league a lot. Now I was really eager to train some team from Santa Catarina, maybe put Chapecoense back in Serie A.
  4. I'll follow the topic, I'm also in doubt. I'm playing with Santos Fc. (Brazil), and I don’t know how to analyze the players and what would be the best for this group.
  5. Hello. I'm starting a save in Brazil with my childhood team, Santos FC. I advise to look at the under 20 of the team, has great players: Kaio Jorge, Renyer, Kadu, Lucas Lourenço ... Santos has in his history great players formed: Neymar, Diego, Robinho ... Beyond the legend, Pelé. I advise you to watch the entire Flamengo team and monitor the players that are listed for transfer. As Santos does not have much budget for transfers, only acquired a great player of Alianza Lima, Kevin Quevedo. I also borrowed Emanuel Reynoso from Boca Juniors. Too bad I won't have money to buy it later.
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