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  1. Yup, multiplayer game with a friend, and since we knew i'd be upgrading to a 16-core cpu and a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD drive, we figured we could include pretty much everything :-)
  2. I got a reply from Steam today, that might explain some of these issues, though some of the savegames with issues are smaller than that, but it could be that the large ones caused this issue in the first place. --------- Alright - so I've had one of our developers look at this and it appears that FM 2020 save files are getting too large for auto-cloud to sync up. Sounds like the softcap for this process to work correctly is 250mb per save. Your latest file is 284mb the last we checked, which is causing issues when the cloud tries to sync this file on 4 different computers. So fo
  3. remotecache.vdf is just automatically replaced by steam when i start the game, so even if i manually edit it to remove the entires, they just show up again.
  4. As long as i only use 1 computer, they are just an "annoyance". But if i then try to install FM2020 on my laptop, and sync the cloud savegames, Steam will throw an error, because it tries to download non-existing files, so it times out, and because of that is unable to download the "actual" savefiles i want to have on the cloud.
  5. Created 3 actual savegames, with the exact names listed in the files. It uploaded the files to the cloud, and then i restarted FM2020, and then deleted the files ingame. Then exited the game, and things looked promising, because the remotecache.vdf file disappeared. However, when i then started FM2020 again, the file popped up again, and contained the 3 same savegames with the sha "000000000000000000000000000" status.... so tricking it doesnt seem to work as we hoped :-(
  6. Hi Lucas! I have currently used 0 MB, so should have alot of space free now. No, there are no files in the ../cloud/games directory. The only place those files are mentioned is in the remotecache.vdf file, and in the cloud_log file. I havent had time to generate new "files" and try to trick steam yet, but will try later tonight, and yes, i do believe this is most likely a Steam issue, but Steam support claims this is a FM2020 problem, atleast thats how i interpret this statement: "I've looked into the logs you've provided and unfortunately we aren't seeing any actionable it
  7. Well, currently there are no cloud saves, and i've removed every cloud-based savegame, but cloud_log and remotecache.vdf still believes that there are savegames, even if the webinterface and properties in the steam client both shows 0 MB used. This is the content of my remotecache.vdf file (i've sanetized one savegame name) "1100600" { "Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/cloud/games/Glimt-test.fm" { "root" "3" "size" "0" "localtime" "0" "time" "0" "remotetime" "0"
  8. Hi! Thank you for the tip, i already tried this with small freshly started savegame, that i gave the same name as some of the savegames steam believes i have, but from what i remember, the problem just changed to some other old savegamename again. I will however try this trick again when i get home from work, and see if i can somehow work my way through every single savegame name that i've had for FM2020, and hopefully that will sort out this problem
  9. Yes, but the moment i try to load/sync the savegames to another computer, steam will throw a warning if i try to start FM2020 on them. Or, if i create the save on a different computer, it will not sync to the new computer. So for now i've ended up uninstalling FM2020 on all of my computers except the main gaming machine.
  10. Hi Jimmy. First of all, my important save is safe, i have it backed up elsewhere, so even if i completely formatted my computer, the save would be safe :-) Secondly, i have already completely uninstalled FM2020 on all PC's. Reinstall of FM2020 and problem returns. I have also previously completely reinstalled Steam, and deleted everything (on the new PC) and that did not solve the problem either. So personally i think the problem is related to something being "stuck" somewhere in the Steam Cloud, because even when the Steam client reports 0 MB used, and no cloud fil
  11. If i check the https://store.steampowered.com/account/remotestorage link, it shows nothing saved for FM2020. If i check the FM2020 Properties, it shows 0 MB stored in the cloud. However, the goddamn remotecache.vdf file and the Cloud_log file from Steam still insists that i have savegames .... even if they do not exist. And i can find no way to remove them (because they do not exist)
  12. Tried installing FM2020 on that new laptop thats connected to a completely different network, and after installing, before i even try to start the game, i could see in the cloud_log file that it would fail when i tried to start (which it did when i tried to start it). So, it is referencing savegames that do not exist in the cloud, and do not exist on any PC, except as entries in the remotecache.vdf file, as far as i can figure out. However, that file seems to be stored in the cloud, so if i edit/modify the local file to remove the entries, they are just repopulated again when i try to sta
  13. Well, uninstalled FM2020 on all computers except the new one, turned off steam cloud, started a game, saved, and turned back on steam cloud. Currently it is only installed on 1 PC, but i do see in cloud_log file that it is referencing 2 old savegames that does not exist any longer. Also the remotecache.vdf file has references to those same 2 files that was deleted several days ago. I'll try tomorrow to install FM2020 on another computer again, and see if it syncs correctly, but i'm guessing that it will complain, because it will try/expect to be able to download 2 files that d
  14. Hi Kyle! I do not know (yet). I may be able to test some more this weekend. May i ask what/if you've done any changes that you think might affect this issue ? What i have found out however after scouring through logfiles, is that back in december (on old/original pc, around 15'th) it seems my FM2020 savefiles went above a quota in steam-cloud, and i have some error-messages in the steam Cloud-logfiles. I have since deleted all savegames on steam-cloud except 2, so i should know be well under the quota. However i still see the "remotecache.vdf" file refer to 4 different savegam
  15. I have now tested on a brand new laptop, with a username that does not contain any special or regional characters, and a fresh install of Steam. And i get the same error/warning. So i think we can safely say/conclude that there is nothing wrong with my new computer. This is a FM2020 and/or Steam issue.
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