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  1. Any tips for playing against 3 Central defenders? Cerber v3 is rocking but I don't create many chances against 3 Central defenders
  2. I've got mixed results with Cerber v2.. I lose at home against noob teams. So used Raptor V4 instead and it still works fine for me :P
  3. Cerber v1 and Ashbringer v2 is the best combo for me! Almost got Leyton Orient in Premier League in 3 seasons. All thanks to your tactics!
  4. There is a new match update! I think it's just the beta who has gone public. So Destroyer v3 will be working fine? Screenshot of a reply from a FM mod.
  5. Predator v3 is doing wonders for my Anderlecht save. Imo it's better than Raptor. Thank you TFF!
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