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  1. About the same number of goals scored in my save after 30 games in all 5 major leagues. Spain 19, 14, 13 (and that being Stiven Plaza, Santi Mina and Sergi Guardiola, 2 for valladolid and Mina for celta vigo), England 20, 17, 14 (Mbappe for City, Wilson, Mane), Italy 15, 14, 13 (Morelos, Piatek, Depay), France 16, 14, 14 (some regen for amiens, Okereke for rennes, ivanusec for monaco) My observations are that top teams are struggling to make their strikers score almost irrelevant of their attributes, because weaker teams can easily render them ineffective by reducing space, and lower quality strikers get plenty of space and score normal numbers. Having a team packed with quality and high reputation will then result in lot of players not being able to shine just because opposition parked the bus irrelevant of their attributes and that is really immersion breaking for me because it's limiting to how much and by what i can judge my players performance, and i can't judge them on ME limitations. Please balance the effectivness of space reducing, it can be effective when the quality of teams is similar, (so strikers score less againsts big teams, and more against smaller teams, and in fm, because of all important space based engine, strikers score more against big teams that are playing open, than against smaller teams. Problem is that the quality of players isn't nicely balanced in this mix of space focused ME.
  2. I think that is a too restrictive approach to the statistics, because, in real life, statistics are the consequence of playing football, not football being determined by statistics. I think w/d/l ratio is realistic and optimal as it should be, but on the other hand, because a compelete simulation is not really possible, and not an ultimate goal (and certainly won't be accomplished by just using statistics as then we would be able to predict the future), i feel the best way to go with the current system is then to at least do the same as with injuries, but in opposite direction, up the quota of goals to some 1.2 or 1.3 level, or if not that, put more weight on player attributes so that could happen in a more natural way. Reasons for this: Avoid the heaps of frustration by most of the fanbase who play this game for goals, keep things more interesting, most of the people want to see a noticable difference between mbappe, messi utilised in a most efficient way in comparison to for say lacazzete or benzema. Statistics don't make a football interesting game, exceptions to it do. Had many more goals in fm19 and for one my messi-like regen could score over 40 a season playing amr, or my homegrown world class striker(ca 195) breaking all records and scoring 70 during a season(this was the patch before corner exploit became a thing). That things made me play that save well until 2050's.
  3. I think you should ignore OI, it can affect team shape and tactics would be less effective
  4. No particular checklist, but i mostly sort my social feed, plan my squad for the next year, do most of the scouting, analyse games that have been played in the last season, move players between squads, sell players that are not in my plans (I tend to play players that i will be looking to sell during the summer in the second half of season to raise their value and up the interest), check the national teams for young prospects, make board requests, watch what's going around in the game world, and the most important thing, renew contracts. Also watch world cup or european championship
  5. If anyone is looking for a top tactic for a dominant team in the league to destroy teams that park the bus or against defensive teams on 20.2.4 beta, Beowulf P107 442 seems to be working wonders again. 25-0 GD after 5 games. More precisely, 14-0 in 2 games against bottom teams, 11-0 against subtop and top teams in 3 games. Set pieces are deadly, strikers are scoring a lot, wingers and wingbacks getting regular assists, midfielders scoring screamers. Thanks Knap, for how it plays out, it almost feels like a exploit tactic.
  6. Explained by who really? Since mods claim they don't have access to the me, you can only trust a) some people that don't really have a clue how it works b) si staff that work with the code but will never give you hard proof for that. Besides that, it's pure speculation and i try to be objective with this, i would rather trust my observations over years of fm series, than trust someone who is arguing that ball tapping sound is hard to fix, or low priority 3 months after the release of game, and few weeks of beta testing before that. My thoughts are that is negelect, and following the logic behind that, it's not hard to believe that the system if based on statistics and predetermination, with some adjustmens when something is changed, it really feels like i'm rolling a dice and that me is compensating for that with missing chances, penalties more or less irrelevant to the atributes thus making the ME unbearable. I've been hearing about ME knock-on effects when match is replayed, but that can also, more easily be explained with simple predetermination when squad list is submitted, just like you can generate instant result for your team when you holiday for a day, or have ir button, and generate a match report in mere seconds, and having to feel that way is immersion breaking, and i would guess it is for most of the people that would have similar observations. I agree with posters above, will absolutely wait for the next Fm until March. Either way, although this is my first post on here after a lot of lurking and it seems mostly negative, i think fm20 is great in all other aspects except for sounds and ME, it's personally a step up from the 19 in squad building, negwen generation, training and club evolution and dynamics, which all makes me very frustrated due to ME issues mainly. Edit: Just seen HUNT3R's post after i posted, that makes sense, not far away with my best guess
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