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  1. Hi all, apologies for my 2nd post in quick succession however I really want this db to work, attached below is a file of a working league and cup structure for Shetland, however, the national team is not playable, any help would be massively appreciated, I also don't know how to get european places for the league shetland.fmf
  2. Ended up going with andorra, no luck unfortunately
  3. I was thinking that may be a possibility, I'll boot back into the editor and replace someone else, any recommendations on what nation to replace?
  4. Hi all, I recently created a new database, which, once kinks are ironed out I will upload onto steam. I created a nation (Shetland), and replaced Crimea in the game, I managed to set the continent to Europe, an region to UK and Ireland, the domestic league, and the teams within it are playable, however the nation is not for whatever reason, any assistance would be a big help (I am also unsure how to make them play in euro and world cup qualifiers) This is my 1st time even attempting to create a nation so naturally I'm inexperienced at this P.S I would like to make the winners of the league qualify for the champions league prelim round
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