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  1. I've taken this idea and tweaked it slightly, losing the AP from the MC position and instead switching the duo to a CM(A) and DLP(S), and having great success so far.
  2. You could actually try a CM(A), starts deep but contributes greatly to the attack, while also defending, given the right PPMs and attributes. Depending on the rest of the team, however, he might be swamped by other, more advanced players in your side, and thus not be as involved as you'd like.
  3. Lille, Champions League winners in Season 1 with the 4411. Very, very, well done. Not an invincible set of tactics, but they do what they say on the tin, if you have the right players for them.
  4. How will it work if the DLP is pushed more central, and so the MC(A) goes a little wider? Might help closing down the space on that side.
  5. I use a (pseudo) narrow diamond a lot, and agree that a CWB(A)-FB(S) combination with a HB(D) works very well. I sometimes go for 3 CMs, with the middle one as an AP(A) with high closing down and hard tackling, so he doesn't slack off defensively, and during the game it manifests itself as a diamond. The other two CMs are the ones I am tweaking, I've tried the following: B2B(s) x2 BWM(D) + B2B (S) DLP(D) + B2B(S) CM(D) + RP(S) ...and have so far found the most joy with the CM(D) + RP(S) duo (trio, along with the AP), the CM(D) on the same side as the CWB(A).
  6. Yea, that's exactly the issue I'm facing, which is in many ways not like how it "works" in real life. Obviously lateral movement (from a Treq, for example) alleviates this, but not all the time. Anyone else have other observations?
  7. Update: Have gone through four iterations of this now, and am almost happy with the latest version. Changes from Original: DR - Complete Wingback (A) - To take advantage of Corchia's amazingness CDM - Halfback (D) - Compensating for a more attacking Rightback, and allows for more solidity RCM - Central Midfielder (D) - Helps to keep the midfield stable LCM - Roaming Playmaker (S) - Him and the AP(A) run the show, sometimes with over 80 passes each (in my last game the RP got 104, AP 79, beat Sparta Prague 4-0 in the Champs League second round) RCST - Complete Forward (S) - Is more invol
  8. Hi all, Been tinkering with various set-ups, and have always wondered about this. In real life, it's easy to envision a forward (or at least a more advanced player) dropping off/deep to create space and/or drag a defender away for an attacker coming in from deep, but does this translate directly to FM? For example: Using a False 9 in the STCR position, intuition suggests something like a CM(A) in the MCR slot, right? But does the match engine also take into account players not wanting to take up the same space, as it were? The MC might not bomb forward as much because he'd run into the F9
  9. Hi all, Have recently begun a new career in FM15, and wanted a nice challenge with a squad and side that isn't rich or bloated with stars, but also in some continental competition. Went with Lille, for those reasons and more, and have elected to try and make a 4132/4312 formation that works the way I want it to. Here's how it looks so far, GK: Sweeper Keeper (S) - Vincent Enyeama - Quick throws RB: Fullback (S) - Sébastien Corchia - Stay wider, run wide with ball RCB: Central Defender (D) - Marko Baša - Short passing LCB: Central Defender (D) - Simon Kjær - Short passing LB: Fullback (S
  10. Additional comment: Do not like that roles have been removed from pitch view, as others have said.
  11. Is it not possible anymore to go back to coach/assistant reports once you've seen them? And forgive me if I'm missing something, but where are the "new" player roles? And Regista? EDIT: I "see" the roles now, only when I mouseover though.
  12. Hi everyone, been working on a 433/Diamond hybrid for a while now, and it's actually been working, though inconsistently - and tends to do well in the earlier parts of matches before tailing off. Here's the basic setup: GK: SWK(A) DR: FB(A) DCR: BPD(A) DCL: CD(A) DL: WB(S) DMRC: HB (D) DMLC: RGA (S) MC: AP(S) AMRC: AM(S) AMLC: TQ (A) STC: CF (A) Team Instructions: Pass Into Space Be More Expressive Get Stuck In Hassle Opponents Higher Tempo Retain Possession What I've observed so far is very nice interplay going forward, sometimes with upwards of 70 passes in the first half
  13. I've got some success using a pseudo 4-2-3-1 with the following set-up: GK: Sweeper Keeper (S/A) - Quick throws DR: Wingback (S) DC: Ball-playing Defender (D) DC: Central Defender (D) DL: Fullback (A) DM: Regista (S) DM: Deep-lying Playmaker (S) MR: Wide Midfielder (A) - Cut inside, Get further forward, roam from position ML: Wide Midfielder (A) - Cut inside, Get further forward, roam from position AMC: Support Striker (A) - Roam from position, move into channels ST: Complete Forward/Targetmat/Deep-lying Forward (S) - Hold position, more direct passes Note: Shoot less often is sel
  14. United languished in mid-table till March in my game, and then surged to the top and won the title on the last day by goal difference after Chelsea and Arsenal drew each other, and City (I think) lost. Quite spectacular. Went on to win 3 of the next 5 league seasons, but never got past the Quarters in the Champions League.
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