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  1. Ah damn, that ruins my hopes of signing some free agents and trying to flip them for crazy prices, cheers for the update!
  2. Little bit of a mixed bag with the update, I was having a lot of success through the middle before the patch but most of that play has been lost, can't tell if it's me changes that have killed it or the opposition looking to defend way narrower, but the wider play is much more enjoyable. Wide players are actually running with a purpose most of the time, my pacey players are getting past their man and getting a cross in, the slower inverted wingers are facing their opponent up and working the space to get the ball in, while they'll recycle the possession back if nothing is on instead of th
  3. Ah man this game, walked the league just to lose the promotion play off. Opposing team had one player on 30 goals and everyone else on 4 or less, 4-5-1 striker set to poacher and just long pumped balls over the top. They already did me in the cup with the same formation, I've got a far better team so expected to win, set defensive line to the lowest, put a pacey (for this level, acceleration 14 and pace 13) player on cover. lost both legs 3-0, 5 goals from a long ball that my defence refused to challenge for or follow, and 1 where my defender just pulled him down in the box again ins
  4. So it's pretty much impossible to get some kind of reasonable cohesive rating at part time level, especially with a packed schedule I'm seeing a lot of weeks with no training opportunities. The delayed start meant we played around 12 friendlies, so the total game count is now up to 30 games using largely the same starting XI and still the "cohesivity" is showing as poor and it results in some garbage on the pitch. Does anyone know if CPU teams have the same issues or if they somehow get a more favourable start even when it's a new team with 10/15 new signings?
  5. From memory I did make a ton of 1v1 chances in 2020 only for them to be missed 9/10 times, so the main difference I'm seeing in a lower league save is the conversion of these chances, plenty of games finishing 4-4, 4-5 ect, even saw a 6-5 on one occasion. Most CPU controlled teams select a flat 4-5-1 with defensive roles and settings apart from a poacher up front, so there were plenty of bad strikers in bad teams getting 25+ goals in a 32 game season due to long balls pumped into the channel which just kill the defenders. Defence absolutely needs to be improved, but I fear a patch which s
  6. Starting to have some serious issues playing in the lower Scottish leagues in terms of ratings and chance creation. I get that there isn't going to be a lot of brilliant inter-play around the box, but it simply turns into a game of hoof ball between both sides where the keepers and cb's just launch it long over the top, the striker will take an immaculate touch regardless of attributes and then it's just down to success rate on scoring the 1v1. Dropping the line to the deepest does nothing as a simple ball into the channel renders the CB useless, although it is inflating striker stat
  7. Still seeing way too many goals where a wide player will run towards the byeline and refuse to cross, eventually plays a tentative ball back towards the edge of the are around 25/30 yards out and technically average/weak players are smashing volleys or half volleys in from a) a standing position b) a bad angle and c) off balance is disappointing
  8. Well that would make total sense tbh. We've been told for years that minor changes can have a big impact, so even if we are being told that SI haven't made "major" changes in terms of input, that doesn't mean the output won't be "majorly changed" as the result of some small adjustments
  9. There is a beautiful irony to the whole changes to the ME. Last year there were constant announcements that they couldn't just do little changes to the ME because even a minor change can have a monumental knock on effect to how the ME will perform. Yet this year yes we have made some very minor balances but of course there is no way that this would drastically affect how the ME looks.....
  10. ah damn cheers, the message in the news said they were promoted and to the segunda and has a link to the segunda so I quit the game at that point
  11. Have reported this but anyone else played through a full season in Spain's third tier yet? It says the bottom two teams have been given automatic promotion while the top three are now in some sort of mega playoff?
  12. I'm now beyond confused, Seemingly Salamanca and Ferrol have been given a straight promotion to the Segunda while the top three now have to go through 4/5 rounds of playoffs for the final spot?
  13. Unfortunately in the Spanish third tier they've somehow managed to replace the actual promotion and relegation system with something which can be best described as "the tombola" system, and it's pretty astonishing that this has made it through to the full release tbh
  14. Promotion is an absolute mess in my game in the third tier too. Seemingly there are tons of mini leagues and the top three go into a promotion league group which makes sense. The fourth place team goes into a playoff group where I presume the winner should get a playoff spot.. yet somehow two of these teams who finished fourth in the initial stage go up automatically while the promotion group are battling out for one playoff spot between the six top teams. So we're about to have two teams going up with 30 points after 25 odd games yet teams with nearly 60 points will miss out. N
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