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  1. Thought it might be worth giving the game another try after a couple of months, spend a good few hours getting all my tactics and set pieces set up how I like first game lose 4-3, all 7 goals come from corners, 1 direct header and 6 come from the ball not getting cleared properly, bobbling about before being smashed home. second game I lose 2-0, keeper gets panned by the commentary and plays a 4.0 rating because twice my defender plays a slack ball that puts their defender in on goal - yes apparently it's the keepers fault for rushing out and being beaten at his near post... *sigh*
  2. Something's seriously wrong with the ME when you get more excited when your crappy left back gets the ball in space 30 yards out and lines one up rather than having your star striker go 1v1 with the keeper, because only one of those is ending up in the back of the net...
  3. Still plenty of flaws in this ME and trying to play possession football may be pretty tough, I've weirdly had a lot of success getting my striker to score in this system, a lot of tap ins or getting slipped in behind. The number 10 remains fairly useless but performances and results are incredible so i'm almost scared to tinker with it. If anyone is in my position where they were really struggling to get into a save at all, I recommend reading that article that came out a few weeks ago which talked about striking roles and complimenting each other etc. I wanted a quick system that featured getting quick balls to a target man where the am's would feed off him, and this works. Attached a few photos if anyone wants to see, It previously had the RB on WB- attack and the rcm was box to box in the league below but I was getting torn apart, this has a nice balance and getting a lot out of my two target men. edit - should also point out the am in the picture is not my usual first choice.
  4. It was pretty clear from all the talk of rubiks cubes and fine balancing act that the current ME had become an uncontrollable beast and nobody knew how to deal with it or fix it. The writing was on the wall for this game when there was no mention of an improved ME at all on the initial announcements and all we got was some article talking about how striker movement would apparently be improved. Bought every single iteration on release but that won't be happening now, I'm aware that will make 0 difference, but it seems like the same as with all great managers, SI have taken this as far as they can, time for someone new to step up and shake things up
  5. Does anyone else have issues with CPU teams just being completely unable to cope with a team that plays 3 at the back with wing backs? I've only managed to finish a few seasons without getting too frustrated and giving up, but every lower league in Scotland and England is just dominated by teams who play that formation - like played 36 won 30 kind of domination
  6. I'm starting to agree with those about the ME either being random or just not taking attributes into account at all. It's like it just looks at the match up of the formations and instructions and decides on the result and what types of goals will be scored. The tipping point came from me not paying full attention and accidentally subbing a 36 year old Nicky Hunt with 4 for pace and acceleration, 6 for dribbling, 4 for flair and 6 for off the ball into the inside forward position, but he started to tear their full back to shreds and just cut inside him every time
  7. They are still listed as amateur after the update, are they set to turn pro in mid season or was it just missed?
  8. What's happening with Queen's Park and their status now as a pro/part time time
  9. I'm starting to find a weirdly large amount of goals which feature a deep cross and a winger running on to it, usually about 15 yards out on the angle and that header back across everyone is unstoppable, keepers cant seem to change direction. headers from inside the 6 yard box... not so effective
  10. With all of this talk of the 2017 ME - was it genuinely wonderful or is it just in comparison to this one? I'm considering going back to it but feel it might just be rose tinted spectacles and an annoyance at the current game that's resulting in the glowing praise for the old game. Surely it had some major flaws too?
  11. same process but radically different stages. As a paying customer months after release I was hoping for some glaring issues to be fixed, not to spend time trying to report back on things that may or may not be looked at, and may or may not be fixed in this release
  12. I think the two sides are expecting different things here. SI seem to want another beta process of wading through errors and bugs, reporting it and coming up with various examples to report your findings. Customers were more expecting fixes to the ME rather than spending time trying to help fix a game months after release -
  13. I get the point you're making, but Football Manager top trumps with various wonderkids and favourites from the ages should absolutely be a thing
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