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  1. Interesting I just assumed it was one standard that everything was plotted against!
  2. XG will only be a welcome addition if it's the real life model and the ME actually improves. For me the ME in FM 20 resulted in a lack of proper defending so the goal numbers were artificially deflated by nerfing certain situations otherwise there could've been 10+ goals a game, so if the XG is the real life model then it's going to show crazy numbers that are mainly meaningless. If it's aligned to what the ME thinks is a goalscoring chance rather than what the model uses IRL then it might be more useful as an in game feature, but that can just turn into helping the user trying to ex
  3. Deportivo La Coruna - relegated to the Spanish third tier but just sold 20k season tickets and former FM wonderkid Diego Rolan in the attack.
  4. The biggest problem will always be getting realistic reactions and outcomes from the board and from the interactions with players. IRL no matter where you work you'll start to learn that bosses just say what you want to hear or tell the same thing to everyone and that starts to filter down to the team, so it would be cool if the game was advanced enough for players to kick off and call you out for just repeating the same lies that you told their friends. It's also far to easy in FM20 to simply tie young players down to long contracts and refuse to let them go where that wouldn't work
  5. Personally I don't think it's toxic in the slightest, just pointing out the hypocrisy
  6. It's funny how those who claim these threads are toxic are the same who try to belittle and reject anyone who says anything negative that they don't agree with
  7. Forgive my ignorance on this if I'm miles off but wasn't one of the biggest issues with CCC that the ME would classify something as a clear chance that blatantly wasn't? So in theory if the ME was rigged/nerfed however you want to call it to reduce the effectiveness of certain chances because they came up so much then the clear cut chance was in the realm of the me world and not what would represent a ccc in the real world? It could be interesting to see how the XG model works out because if it's using a real life XG model in the same way it uses data in a real life game then it could sho
  8. I don't mean the checking the screens, I mean the actual decisions that it was making. In game I'm sure it says "was that a foul" or "was that inside the area" the ref is going to check, whereas the ref should give a decision and then it should say he's being urged to review his decision by VAR. The game shows it as a tool for the refs to simply stop things and go and watch some replays to help them make an initial call
  9. I really do hope the VAR system changes, it does my head in where the implementation in the game is set up like it's there for a ref to simply stop a game and go and watch things to make up their mind about a decision that's tight, literally not how it works at all
  10. You're dealing with someone who thinks getting a rise out of people makes up for a lack of personality, I wouldn't worry about it mate
  11. Always pre ordered but won't this time due to the state of the FM20 release, will probably still buy when it's on sale and it's had the patchwork
  12. Teams playing with pitch dimensions at 95x90, it doesn't happen anywhere in actual football and the ME has no idea how to process the game on in Speaking of the ME - having the game play out in a way where it's obvious the ME has to actively nerf players and make them do stupid things to prevent basketball scorelines, rather than teams being able to defend and the match experience resembling football. Set Pieces are a shambles, you can guarantee that teams sort out who's marking who before a game rather than just handing out "go back" instructions, and players on the edge of the box
  13. For further info, this is from UEFA on pitch guidelines https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/uefaorg/Stadium&Security/02/54/11/97/2541197_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  14. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but it's really getting on my nerves in a few long term saves now. Firstly pitch sizes - It's common to see a few teams each season play on a 85x90 pitch, it's square and the ME doesn't know how to process it - we just see teams line up narrowly and refuse to use the width regardless of instructions, while the ME just makes everyone slower to react to anything to stop it becoming a basketball game. There are strict guidelines for UEFA competitions that state this isn't okay, while i've never seen a pitch which is square or crazy long and nar
  15. Attributes just go out the window when it comes to set pieces - Experimented by putting James Forrest and Karamoko Dembele in the box at Celtic - both around 160cm tall, 5 or less for jumping and heading - routinely see them outjumping and scoring all types of headers
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