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  1. Sorry maybe I didnt explain right. I was answering Andy when he asked if Asante had any ppm's that may cause him to come deep even when played as an AF. My problem is that whoever I play up front in whatever role, they don't seem to receive the ball in the box, its always just outside. Like I said before, can't really complain too much as I'm winning now at least, and the tactic seems to be working well, just not quite how I had hoped thats all. It just seems like I cant get an a lone striker to be the main goal scorer.
  2. Cheers guys, Asante doesnt have any ppm's so can't see any reason to drop deep other than to collect the ball. His favoured positions are advanced forward and poacher so I can't see any way he would naturally want to drop deep. I've changed my IF to attack in a few games when I'm pushing for a goal which has helped score more, but it hasn't really made any difference to my SC getting on the end of much. Maybe having a lone striker as an AF or P just isn't meant to happen? It seems as though they would work much better with 2 strikers up front but its not something that I can afford to do with the squad I have. Shame really as I would like to get it to work but I can't complain too much as I'm up to 10th in the league now when I was predicted 23rd
  3. Cheers WhyMe, unfortunately this is basically what I had to start with when I was conceding loads and losing. My DR is being an arse at the moment and isnt happy being played in a role other than the one i promised him, but its helping to at least keep a clean sheet most games
  4. yea, I thought it would illustrate the point that there is a hell of a lot of passing being completed in their half, but nothing in their penalty area. The image below is just my AF, as you can see, he receives quite a bit of the ball pretty deep considering he is supposed to be an advanced forward, but when he goes forward, he doesnt seem to either be in space to receive the ball, or when he is, my midfield dont opt to pass to him.
  5. Cheers guys, the feedback has helped massively so big thanks! After a bit of tinkering, i've swapped over the two central midfielders to be a little more balanced, and they work together pretty well passing the ball around. As you can see by the scorelines, I've gone from conceeding 2-3 goals every match to conceeding 0-1 goals (I changed tactics in the 2-0 defeat to eastleigh) Infact in the last 9 games ive only conceeded 5 goals, 1 from corner, 1 from a huge mistake, 1 screamer, 1 penalty and 1 from outfield play. Not bad considering the amount I was conceeding previously. my problem now is not being able to create proper chances. I can get use the ball well enough, but as you can see from the passes received in the image below, my forward (no.7) is never in the area to receive the ball and shoot. he always drops deep to help with build up even though he is an AF. Have you got any ideas how I can make him more space to receive the ball? i get the feeling the build up is a bit too slow so the defenders always have chance to get back in position to cover, but if I up the tempo then this means I risk losing the ball more often right?
  6. Well I've done it again, every year I buy the newest version of FM and end up failing miserably before coming here begging for help. This year Solihull Moors were the unlucky team to be graced with my management. Having read through countless threads over the years, my first process was to go through all my players and find a formation that seemed to suit them. With limited numbers, and obviously limited quality, I decided on the what looks slightly imbalanced but in my mind quite reasonable 4-3-2-1 shown below. The theory with it is that it gives players passing options throughout the phases as they move the ball up the pitch. After reading the 'back to basics' thread by Herne, and watching the videos on bustthenet regarding mentality being 'risk', I originally decided on using the counter mentality to keep our passes simple, retain the ball, and work the ball through up the pitch via the various outlets. In my mind, it should be quite simple, defenders play the ball to the DLP, he in turn plays it to the CM, who can play it to either the WM or AM, who can create chances for either W or F9. As for player instructions, wing backs are set to fewer risky passes, my CM is set to close down more, WM is set to cross to far post, and my AM is set to roam from position and try more risky passes. The actual roles may be slightly different in the images attached, but this is because I've now played and lost the first 5 games of the season. Although this may as well be 8 as I ended up rage quitting and trying different tweaks. Vs North Ferriby we created a total of 19 shots, with 7 on target. 9 shots against, with 5 on target. Lost 2-1 Vs Chester, created 8 shots, 5 on target. 17 shots against, 9 on target. Lost 2-1 Vs Aldershot, created 10 shots, 1 on target. 11 shots against, 5 on target. Lost 2-0 Vs Forst Green, created 6 shots, 1 on target. 15 shots against, 7 on target. Lost 3-0 Vs Macclesfield, Created 9 shots, 0 on target. 10 shots against, 3 on target. Lost 2-0. Now I know its not exactly the number of shots that guarentee wins etc, but its pretty obvious that things are just getting worse. All the goals against seem to be of different varieties, mistakes from players passing opposition in on goal. Crosses from the sideline being headed in by strikers even though there are 3 players surrounding him, quick counters where players simply run through on goal, and easy through balls to players who seem to be unmarked in acres of space. Needless to say, I'm slightly frustrated. I've read different threads for years on these forums, watches countless videos on youtube for ideas, and even looked up tips on which players to buy for different areas in lower leagues to try to give me a head start, but it all seems to be a complete waste. Can somebody, anybody, please tell me where I'm going wrong with this. I've seen some very decent passages of play from my team at times, but there just seems to be no end product at all. I know Solihull Moors are supposed to be battling against relegation, but surely we can't be this bad? My problem now is also morale, morale is very poor throughout the squad, end in team talks pretty much the entire team is disenchanted and seems to have given up. I really want to stick with it and not just start again. For all I know, I may have changed and tweaked the tactic too early or too hastily but I just cant see where. I've uploaded my save game and match saves to this link for anyone that has the time to look but any advice on getting this to work would be extremely helpful as I just want to get back to enjoying football manager like I used to. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5kBAOjo9wDUdmJmYmF0c0tYdTA?usp=sharing Cheers all WoadY
  7. I played this formation in FM previously and have recently got back into it doing much better than I did before. Just from my experience, I found having DC(D) DC© DC(D) a lot more secure at the back than any of the other alternatives, especially against 4-4-2 formations. Against someone with 1 up front and 3 AM's I tended to swap to DC© DC(D) DC©. Can't say for certain how this helped me, but it certainly did the trick. Going forward having my AMC as a Treq and pass into space instructions helped me massively in creating chances
  8. Cheers for the comments guys. I have to admit I was reluctant to try the Treq in the AMC role as I always thought it would be far too attacking and push him too far forward, however i can consider myself proven well and truly wrong. Having the Treq in that role has made the attacking part of play much better so far. I've gone from having 2 CCC's a game (if im lucky) to having 4-5. I've also made a change upfront changing my CF-S to a DLF-A which has helped link play and pull defenders out of position a lot more as well so I'm a lot happier with the tactic now. For reference, I've pasted my current formation below to show what it now looks like. Regarding my defence, I did have a play around with my defensive roles but to be honest using a x-c-x or c-x-c completely failed in every game. I understand the philosophy behind having those combinations but they every defender seemed to be in the wrong position so even though my attack was a lot better, I still conceded a LOT of goals. I've reverted back to my D-C-D now which seems to be working a treat, although I do have to change it up depending on whether I'm against 1 or 2 attackers. Against 1 up front, although Wootton in the middle plays as a cover defender, he just naturally marks the striker and pushes forward to challenge for any headers or when their striker receives the ball. On the other hand, when their striker moves out into the channels, he is covered by my other 2 defenders which is when Wootton then covers behind them in case they screw up. For me it all seems to come down to player instructions in my defence, my wing backs are set to mark the oppositions AML/R's if need be, whilst also being told to stay wide to give me some width whilst the rest of my team plays a little narrower to stop through balls. My CM-D marks the oppositions AMC if they have one, which leaves my defenders to keep doing what their doing without being pulled around. Again, thanks for the comments guys, its been very helpful. Now I just need to tinker with my defensive roles for when I'm against 2 strikers instead, so far having D-D-D seems to have worked but I don't seem to play against 4-4-2 enough to test it out properly. Regards WoadY Ps. For anyone else that reads this that might take a bit of advice from me, I've found it a massive help to have the oppositions formation shown on the match screen constantly (especially the last 30mins or so) as whether I am winning or losing, they always seem to change formation which is when I need to make changes to counter this.
  9. Hello all, I'm at my wits end so as a last resort before throwing my monitor out of the window I thought I would try to get a bit of advice on how to get a tactic im working on to play the way i want it too. I've tried building tactics for god knows how many years but always failed to get them to work the way I want as i don't seem to be able to 'see the matrix' that many of you seem to be able to do when watching a match. To begin with, I'm trying to get a 3-2-2-1-2 to work (shown below) as I really like the idea of the formation being solid at the back but with good options and movement up front. Unfortunately this never seems to work out as I've planned. My defence has seemed pretty decent when I watch she matches but we always seem to concede a goal or 2 from what seems to me to be out of nowhere. Thankfully ive managed to shore it up a bit but in all honesty I've given up on the defence as I think I've tried pretty much everything but can't seem to keep a clean sheet. As you will probably gather from the screenshot, my idea is to have a solid 3 at the back which should always give me the 1 player over to deal with through balls or runners. My 2 wing backs should do enough to be able to cope with any wingers and still get forward enough to play some through balls and crosses to my front 2 (if they can actually get one to connect) Its my midfield and forward options that I need help with, in centre midfield I have a cm-d to sit behind, soak up pressure and counter attacks that the opposition may try, with an ap-s to take the ball off him and either spread i wide to the wing backs or up to the amc depending on who is free. up front I have my af to push at the front line and my cf-s to play 1-2s with either the amc or af to create chances. Now to me this all seems obvious as it's whats in my head, but it doesn't seem to translate this way onto the pitch. When we have the ball my crosses from CWB's go nowhere, and there doesn't seem to be any room for my centre mids to be able to play the ball around and find gaps for my af to run into. I can understand if I'm up against a dmc then my amc needs to roam to find the ball, and my wingers stay wide to be able to draw out their FullBacks so i cant see where im going wrong. I've tried many different permutations of roles in the middle, I've tried different combinations up front, but nothing seems to help me consistently. Ive tried different playing styles from attacking to pass the ball around quickly, control to try and draw their defence out, and counter to at least try to start catching people on the break but nothing seems to help. I constantly have more possession than the opposition but don't seem to be able to do anything with it. I hope I've given enough info on what I'm trying to do but if not i can get some more screenshots of whats needed. Can someone please tell me where I'm going wrong...i love the shape of the team but just can't for the life of me get it right. WoadY
  10. Just a personal preference, but I would love to see a 'notes' system introduced into the game. For years now I have had to use countless notepads with random scraps of paper to write down tactic ideas, player contract detail and teamtalk feedback etc. Unless I'm completely missing something, there is no way to easily access your own personal notes on players from every screen. I would love there to be just a notepad to pop out of the side of the screen where you can make and arrange your own notes to reference back to. Something that would overlay whichever screen you are on, and will allow you to make new tabs or pages of notes on whichever categories you like. eg. notes on which of your players prefer which teamtalks to keep them motivated etc
  11. ok I thought I had spoke to soon with posting that on here as I then went on to beat Newcastle and Norwich, unfortunately after this I have then gone on to lose 5 and draw 2 of the next 7 games (all be it up against the likes of man city, liverpool, man utd etc). Ive updated my tactics a bit to what is shown below and I've noticed I get a bit more out of Ciolek where he manages to break into the box more, but I have seemed to lose any effectiveness whatsoever in my SC. Has anyone got any ideas or advice on how I can get more out of a single striker? I'm tempted to use him as a DLF and have my AMC's run onto balls in the box, but I'm worried this would lose any defensive discipline they have. Alternatively I would like to get him to run onto through balls as more of a poacher, but I have had no luck in getting this to work as when I have the ball there are always far to many players around in defence to get away from. I would attached a couple of heat maps to show my average positions but they dont really show my formation at work as they show substitutes as well. Does anyone here manage to get a lot of goals from a single striker or is it quite a difficult thing to do?
  12. If they are all looking nervous then I would definitely start to use the cautious/calm no pressure teamtalk. I tried this outmyself previously and it helped a lot more than any tweaking of my tactics because they all seemed to 'try' a little harder on the pitch
  13. This might sound a bit random but if you take a look at your feedback screen (player, stats, form then change drop down box to feedback i think) do you see any messages about players not being able to motivate themselves for you? If this is the case then try using cautious teamtalks, people say it doesnt make much of a difference but ive found it a big help when im struggling. Also, if you take a look at your players motivation during a game, do you see a lot of nervous players? If you do then try using the no pressure teamtalk. Again it might sound odd but i have found my players play with a bit more urgency like this
  14. Just my 2 pence worth but if im completely honest i would love to see a thread concentrating on how to read the match engine and analysis tabs. Whilst im sure this project would be a success, i just think it would be great to see lots of match highlights with explanations of what you see going on and what changes you make during the match. I think this would teach players a lot more as they could see first hand as its playing out. Then they can look for similar patterns in their own game. Hopefully this would stop people coming back with comments along the lines of 'ive done this exact same thing with my own team but it doesnt work' etc etc. As i said, only my 2 pence worth, whatever you write i will enjoy reading im sure
  15. Hey all, I was wondering whether anyone else makes any major changes to their tactics when they have been promoted up to the premier league? Ive played 2 or 3 games so far and seem to struggle a lot more compared to teams in the championship. I know there is an obvious step up in quality but was wondering whether anyone else here alters their tactics to go more defensive or do you stick to what was working in the championship? Last season I played a 4-1-2-2-1 (2 AMC's) shown below. And whilst this worked wonders for me in the championship, my level of posession has shot through the floor. Can anyone give me any tips on where I could improve? I quite like my shape as it gives me a lot of flexibility to alter my roles depending on which opposition I'm facing. If against someone very good, I can set my DL/R on Defend and Wingers on Support which helps stopping crosses from the wings and man mark with my 2 AMC's so that they track back more to mark the opposition midfield. If im the favourites in a game, I can set my DL/R on support and wingers on Attack to give a lot more options up front with getting crosses in. The idea behind my main attacking threat was two fold. Either to get the ball to AMC's who can play 1-2's and thread balls through to my Forward to finish. Or to get the ball to my Forward who can then hold the ball up and play in the 2 AMC's running behind. All the time having an outlet in my DMC for safety to keep the ball. As I said, this worked wonders in the championship but now I cant seem to hold on to the ball at all so I'm wondering whether to rethink the formation completely, or do I tweak this tactic to try to make it more effective against higher opposition? If there is any advice that anyone could offer it would be greatly appreciated! WoadY ps. Apologies for the lack of screenshots, I'm at work at the moment so had to make do, but can upload more later
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