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  1. The one issue that annoys me year in year out is the fact that AI clubs do not rotate players (to the point they even play recovering players, unfit players in the CL final when they have really good subs), do not plan for their future (after a while some clubs look like a geriatric ward) and after a while they really are struggling to compete with the player's team.
  2. IT's an interesting read as you can clearly see that people care about FM and where it goes next. I've been playing for nearly 2 decades and for the first time last year skipped fm17. I had reached saturation and after a year away got fm18, as usual in my case, after the March patch had come out. The reason behind buying it so late: 1- family life, work and other PC games mean less time to play so I only ever now go for the 'finished' product (with fm it's always been pretty much the March update, for other games like POE2 this means waiting until bugs have been ironed out somewhat to allow fo
  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this. I found that winning cup competitions is made much easier because the opposite teams tend to play their best players even though they may be coming back from injury (quite often with condition less than 70% at the start of the match, some still with the orange injury tag displayed), or just playing too many games (condition again less than 85% at beginning of match). Teams in the EPL like Man U, Man City, Chelsea .. tend to not rotate their players as much to rest them and with the extra European matches they play, it impacts on the club performance in the cha
  4. Took over Leeds in 2022 when they had just been relegated (again) to the Championship. When I took them over, they had 5 outstanding youngsters (1ST, 1DC/DM, 1 AML, 1DM/ML and 1 GK) coming from the youth team as newgens. Over the next 3 years, every year via the newgen, at least 1 new future star made it through. I managed to bring them back to the EPL as champions the following year and win the league cup. Following year, finished 4th (barely) in the EPL, won the league cup and the europa league cup. Main teams were City (winner of past 5 EPL), Chelsea (won the Champions league) and Live
  5. I usually hit 'concentrate' right after scoring. It helps... I would keep the same tactic going unless against a better team where i'm expected to be soundly beaten. Then I would make sure to change to 'be more disciplined' and may be (depending how much time is left) go more direct and even move to 'attacking'. It sounds counter-intuitive but the number of times I then managed to score a goal on the counter makes it a very useful change.
  6. I have the same issue as Gooner9315. I just started to manage Southampton in 2020 and was informed that Britain had left the EU so new players coming from the EU to the EPL would need work permits. The rules for the EPL also clearly state this. I signed a young player who had failed the application (even on appeal) and meant to loan him until he satisfied the requirements. I did not get to loan him and now noticed that he is eligible to play in the EPL (i'm still in August 2020). It seems a bug to me (not that I complain in this instance...) Can a mod (or SI) clarify whether th
  7. Wasn't that ages ago? By which I mean, nearly going back to CM?
  8. I agree fully with this - it would be so much easier and probably fairly simple to implement.
  9. I love managing Forest but i've got to say that this is now getting challenging after only a few weeks into a new save:
  10. Started at Koln and ended up second in first year (2016) playing a defensive 451. Second year(2017), pretty much the same and ended up winning the German First Division. A lot of 1-0s Left as the club resources were not enough to maintain that standard... Joined Southampton who were languishing above relegation zone in 2017. 2018: 2nd of EPL 2019: 5th EPL and euro cup quarter final- capital one cup winner 2020: here the good times start... won the EPL, capital one cup and reached euro cup semi final 2021: 2nd EPL - FA cup and euro cup winner. european super cup winner 2022: 1st EPL -
  11. Now 7 years in and Max Meyer is an outstanding AM- does not score that many goals but loads of assists
  12. Yes and I did it with pretty much the starting squad. Hector and Olkowski (spelling) were magnificent and Modeste just kept on scoring! We got a lot of 1-0 victories. Maroh was pretty much injured for the season sor Sorensen and Heintz were the main defenders ahead of Horn. First season I got a couple of loans in: a striker who did not play much and a right back from Bordeaux (who really impressed but when he was transfer listed his wages were ridiculously high). First season I got a really promising left back but he was 15 so I never got to play him in the first team before I left.
  13. I did start my current save with Koln. Did quite well, finishing 2nd in the first season playing a 4141 counter. I think mostly because the other teams underestimated the club. I managed to keep Horn which was the best news at the end of the season. I signed Assombalonga as my main striker from Forest and in the second season I finished 1st! using a 4141 counter for away games and 442 control for home games. I then resigned as the board would not consider any of the requests and weren't putting any sort of money for transfers while expecting the winning streak to continue. Using the starting s
  14. I've stopped playing FM15 now but I had the case of Gnabry, who I had signed from Arsenal for peanuts for my Southampton team where he did extremely well and played most games for 2 years as part of my title winning team. He begged to be sold to Man U, which I agreed to for a large amount of money. 2 years later I took over Man U and he had played the grand total of 15 games for them, having been abandoned in the U-21 team. Three games into my first season he came and complained that I was not giving him his chance... I had loads of issues with this in FM15- having to sell players as, even
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