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  1. Thanks again for your help. I will implement your suggestions and see how i get on. I was also wondering if you could let me know how you go about fixing and tweaking tactics in general? Im a newer player, and although i can see when my tactics arent working, im having trouble figuering out why. Ive watched full matches, but never really know what to look for. If you could guide me towards a resource, or just give me a few pointers, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply! 1: The idea behind wider width is getting my wingers and (especially) fullbacks more involved, as i want these to feed the strikers. Id like to avoid having either of my CMs act as playmakers, as theyre terrific ballwinners/defensive midfielders, but nothing special in terms of playmaking. Direct passing is implemented because of the wider width - i figuered that in order to get my midfielders and defenders to pass to the wingers (who are now further away), theyd need to have a more expanded passing range. Most teams in the division also use 3-man midfields, w
  3. Hi all! Im hoping you can be of help with my 442, which doesnt seem to work as well as i would like. Before creating it, i followed the guide on guidetofm.com, and did a pretty in-depth squad analysis. I found out that my defense was relatively fast (but aerally challenged), and that i overall possessed players with great stamina, workrate, anticipation and determination. I also found out that i lacked creative players in the middle of the field, and that my strikers were decent in the air. I thus decided upon a 4-4-2 formation emphasizing a pressing defense and a direct form of atta
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