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  1. Routine for Friday?

    Booked the day of work, so it will be a 7AM start, wake up, feeling very excited and wishing 9AM would come round, get ready to go to Town. I will arrive outside Game at about 8:45-8:50, wait until they open the shutters at 9, go straight to the counter (hoping I am the first one to do so), pick up my copy of FM for PC and PSP. Get home for about 9:30, then play it all day until I decide to go to bed. On Saturday I will get up at 6AM and play all day, again untill I go to bed, same again on Sunday morning, then I will be at football as Huddersfield are away to Oldham, come home and play some more FM until I realise it is getting late and I have work in the morning.
  2. FMH2007 Screenshots

    I was just wondering. Will we be getting any screenshots of how the Editor will work? I would love to see some screenshots on it.
  3. Nation hop!

    I know it may not be a priority but I would like to see The northern Irish leagues put into the game.
  4. Football Manager Handheld 2007

    I think the new FMH sounds great. Some bril features added. I was just woundering does it have hot seat play?? So you can have 2 teams on one psp?? I think what they have done to get FM on the PSP is great, I knew it would be nothing like the PC version and think they have done a great job at importing it onto the PSP.
  5. My comment didn't come from a man utd fan
  6. Maybe this thread should be close as I think a certain few people has takign this thread way too far. No need to swear like that. Everyone is entitled to ruin which team they want. I agree football is only a game. So why people take it futher than that I don't know.
  7. I think that everyone hates Man United so much because of how successful they have been in the 90s. Why don't you hate liverpool more?? They have won more cups than man utd.
  8. What team are you?

    I am huddersfield town. First season I went up through playoffs from league 1 to the championship. Second season I just avoided relegation back down to league one with about 2 games to spare. Currently in my 3rd season and im 15th after 19 games. Looking to finish higher than last season. Dont wanna go in prem yet.
  9. In my first season as Huddersfield he did very well for me. I loaned him for 3 month. Then loaned him for a season soon as his loan ended. Now in my new season I have him on loan again in the championship. I will loan him untill I can buy him
  10. I would reccomend buying 'Bedi Buval' from Bolton. He is only 20 and he is a striker. He does really well for me
  11. what season are you on?

    I got promoted. I won in the semis got to the playoff final against oldham. I had already beaten oldham 2 times in league and one time in the cup. So I was confident I would win. I went 1-0 but made it 1-1 before half time. Then scored on the 90th minute to go up. But I have now lost my loan striker who did brilliant and I can not afford to buy him. I can not trade either
  12. what season are you on?

    Right I have to get going now as I have football. Where at home to Chesterfield today Will tell you my progress tomorrow Hope i get promoted Bye everyone
  13. what season are you on?

    Cheers. I am now concentrating on getting promoted to the Championship.
  14. what season are you on?

    I have let in a fiar few also. After 39 games in the league I have scored 65 and let in 55.
  15. what season are you on?

    I have just won th LDV. The first hald i thought i was gonna loose as it was all mk dons. But in the second half I hammerd them coming out on top Winnign 4-0 in the end. One trophy to my name