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  1. Thank you. Some of these points are rather unique to this save (first time I've used both AP and DP so close) and some of I've tried and tested in previous saves with success (two or more BPDs, CWBs) . With the CWB I find that they benefit more from having another wide player to create space for them (overlap, underlap, etc). An Inverted winger opens up for the overlap and the CWBs unpredictability can be lethal in chance creation from crosses. Alex Telles has done brilliantly for my before, assists from the byline or wide near the touch line are common. All my fullbacks/wingbacks are being trained to hug the touchline. As for the aggressive defending, this is soley due to the fact that when I try to play a more reserved defensive style (which I prefer) I concede way more, whenever I attempt that midblock with standard pressing instead of all out extremely urgent, I go on a losing streak. Its not meant to be a complete fix but I bought Ndidi in this January (or fifteen minutes ago) to use as a defensive mid to have a player more space-oriented. As for perferred style? In possession a balanced, quicker possession side who can be direct, uses width. Pretty balanced but I would love some speed on the counter.
  2. I have two saves where i won the league 2nd seasons. Both times Tuanzebe was a regular starter. For those who tactically like CBs with good Positioning, anticipation and Pace, he's excellent if he's played regularly.
  3. Yes sorry above are my two primary tactics. I was in the top four until recently I begun to bring my line of engagement down and my pressing urgency down, both to work toward my playing ideas and coinciding with injuries. This has not been successful. Earlier in the season I had more of a 5-4-1 with Lindelof as a Libero which surprisingly worked very well, although that's hard to continue with midfielders who are either very deep and defensive (tonali, Mctominay) or attacking (Pogba and Fernandes). In the Europa League I used Garner and Mctominay as a Carrellio and BWM infront of the Libero, worked pretty well. Also I'm proud of my transfers, all changes were in one window but I'm sure you've all done better.
  4. I started playing Football Manager in December, so I guess I'm pretty new. I have a "playing philosophy" I work toward in my saves, in summary I like highly attacking overlapping Fullbacks/Wingbacks, lots of width to stretch the opposition, a back three who are all BPDs sometimes with a Libero, and a space-orientated defensive block (low pressing urgency). I have had two main saves with Man United, starting on my third. I have won the PL in my second season both times, and have implemented all of my checkpoints into my team with the exception of the last. I seem to only be successful with a tactic that presses urgently. Any tips for a high/mid block tactic? I know BWM often compromise these systems like an Anchorman can compromise a pressing system, but any tips for other positions? Offsides trap works like a charm with a high(er) line of engagement, can that be compromised with a high line of defense and a low line of engagement? Complex prompt, but I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem
  5. I think the problem that people are having with having a central, playmaking #10, can be grouped in with other things like how pressing/gegenpressing is overpowered, that low-block/space orientated defensive tactics often are disastrous, and how Mezzalas can be overpowered. Most of this is that these things are tactics that are bringing success to teams tactically IRL. The best teams in the world rn (Liverpool, Man City especially) look to create in the Half space. Thats one of the reasons why Mezzalas work so well in FM20. What I'm trying to do in my saves is gradually transition from a system that utilizes the players that i have in a system I know will work well with the tactics of the times (I use a Mezzala, I press high and urgently) and overtime I train, promote and buy players better suited to my preferred style of play (space orientated defense, highly attacking fullbacks, lots of width). Apologies for how poorly written my above novel is.
  6. I've used a 5-2-3 formation with CWB on attack, Alex Telles and Dalot. Telles had most assists and we finished third. second season Pogba left and bought Tonali on the cheap. Won the title just ahead of challengers City and Liverpool. I'm new to FM but I think I got my tactics spot on, best defense in the league both seasons, which is hard considering how attacking both fullbacks are. Haaland as a pressing forward, Rashford as a inside forward left, Tonali as a DLP on defend partnering with Wanyama (bought cheap also) Mctominay or Charlie Mccan (Youth) usually BBM or BWM. A back four of Tuanzebe and Umtiti on BPD cover, maguire on BPD defend. Ethan Laird is also breaking into the first team behind Dalot. The fullbacks supply attacking width, which is crucial to Man Uniteds philosophy even if its not in Club vision in this game. Any ideas for going for it in Europe?
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