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  1. - Playing as Middlesbrough and earned promotion to the Premier League 20/21 season on 25th April 2020 - Player Shoya Nakajima is transfer listed. When making a bid for him before the premier league fixture is announced on 24th June 2020 (team rank on top of the page showing "1st in Sky Bet Championship"), he is extremely uninterested in joining. - After the premier league fixture is announced (team rank is now "13th in Premier League"), the player becomes very interested in joining the club. - Realistically, the player should have realized that we are already in the premier league, i.e. be interested in joining since the day we got promoted. Steps to Reproduce - I have uploaded a save game called "tempwage.fm" - Save game will load on the 23rd of June 2020 - Bid for Shoya Nakajima on the 23rd of June 2020 - After the bid is accepted, the player is "extremely uninterested in negotiating terms" - Reload the save - Continue the game one day onto 24th of June 2020 - Repeat the bid on the player - Now the player becomes "very interested in negotiating terms"
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