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  1. CM 03/04 was my first proper manager experience and I did about three seasons over 18 months (the loading speed was awful) I did 15 seasons on FM05 with a few other saves around 3 seasons. I'm not sure if I used a patch for FM05 but I managed to get Beckham to the 2014 world cup at the ripe age of 38 and I had Danish left back and an Austrian DM/CM with amazing technical stats but physically looked worse than me. I had no idea how to work the training and they all gradually got worse. I'd love to go back to FM 05 with what I learnt playing FM08 in which I had one save spanning 15 seasons with many 'projects'. I tried to create a GB team and created a pool of GB qualified players ( all the players not good enough for the home nations and don't get capped historically in the game) for the 2012 Olympics. That game crashed before it even got to games though. I made the reputations of teams more balanced and improved 100s of clubs training facilities and made a bigger pool of coaches with the right coaches to "coach" players of other teams. I attempted to swap Malta with Germany with partial success being Malta were now heavyweights of the world while Germany struggled with the best top 40 players I inherited to them. 12 seasons in "Malta' have two playable players in the team.. I'm one of those players who never used or even heard of FM scout or the in-play editor but I did enjoy playing with the pre game editor for multiple scenarios. I had so many international competitions saved a day before squads to be submitted. I tried to get my pals to play network games with me but I was the only FM player I really knew. Everyone else was fifa. FM 12 or 13 I did two seasons and never played it since. I don't even have a PC anymore. I'm cracking out for FM however and I'm looking for the FM05 and 08 experience again. I'm even looking at buying a decent computer to play those games with loads of leagues running. An experience I've never had on any FM. (Poor man's computers ) Edit. Apologies. Wrong thread.
  2. I don't have a PC but I still crack out for FM 2005 and 2008. I had 2012 and fell out of love of the game. I Do plan on playing fm05 because I never mastered the training and I was rubbish after three seasons most times. FM 2008 is my glory days building amazing teams and playing with the editor doing all sorts of experiments. I remember Germany players not being picked in favour of fake players so I picked the the best 30 German players and distributed them amongst the lesser nations. I tried swapping Malta with Germany too but they were rubbish and never had any chemistry. I changed the clubs reputation points and players were distributed differently to usual saves. I miss my wonderkids that became amazing players because the training was simplified for me. I had a Chelsea save where I signed Barzahgli from Milan and had him and Terry train Michael Mancienne who eventually looked like John Terry in Lucio's body. I managed to stop Ever Banega playing for Argentina by recalling him every friendly match and he eventually got naturalized as an Englishman and get England caps. I had many saves 2 months before major European championships, World Cups and Confederations cup and I'd play network games with others. I miss playing FM. I have no idea what's changed since 2012.
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