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  1. CM 03/04 was my first proper manager experience and I did about three seasons over 18 months (the loading speed was awful) I did 15 seasons on FM05 with a few other saves around 3 seasons. I'm not sure if I used a patch for FM05 but I managed to get Beckham to the 2014 world cup at the ripe age of 38 and I had Danish left back and an Austrian DM/CM with amazing technical stats but physically looked worse than me. I had no idea how to work the training and they all gradually got worse. I'd love to go back to FM 05 with what I learnt playing FM08 in which I had one save span
  2. I don't have a PC but I still crack out for FM 2005 and 2008. I had 2012 and fell out of love of the game. I Do plan on playing fm05 because I never mastered the training and I was rubbish after three seasons most times. FM 2008 is my glory days building amazing teams and playing with the editor doing all sorts of experiments. I remember Germany players not being picked in favour of fake players so I picked the the best 30 German players and distributed them amongst the lesser nations. I tried swapping Malta with Germany too but they were rubbish and never had any ch
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