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  1. oh okay thanks, I didn't have this information yet. it is rare that the files contain whether they are also for the FMT. or can you see that anywhere?
  2. Hello everybody, I have the following problem: I downloaded several files to "improve" my FMT. A league pack, media file and much more. I packed everything in the edit data folder, but it is not shown to me in the game, what could be the reason? do I have to take another step? or do I have to save it somewhere else? I am very grateful for your help. And if the problem has already been addressed, I am grateful for a link. Thank you for your help best regards
  3. Hi there, unfortunately I have the following problem. I play the FMT 20 on my Samsung. For that I also had to download Google Games. Unfortunately, this is how it feels after every second loading of the game, the buttons move, not graphically but technically. and then unfortunately I can do almost nothing. And that can't make sense either. I then have to restart the tablet 1-2 times so that I can use it normally. Has anyone ever had such a problem. And how can you fix it? Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi there, sorry for my english I want to play the FMT 20 on my tablet. I was told it is possible to run the graphics on a memory card to save space. Of course I have to change the user path for this. How do you do that with the FMT on a tablet? Just like that? Because no steam access is necessary via the tablet. I hope you can help me. Best regards
  5. Hello everybody, I apologize in advance for my english. I hope you can help me relatively quickly. is it possible to integrate DDT files into Football Manager Mobile? and if so, how can I do it? where do I have to save the file. I thank you for your help. best regards
  6. This is outstanding, thanks for your answer. You are the first to help me. I have an Android tablet, so I like your answers a lot more. And that makes my decision a lot easier!
  7. Hello everybody,Unfortunately I have not found anything on the subject.However, it is elementary for me that these questions are answered before I get the game again.Should I still be in the wrong thread, I ask that the post be postponed.So:Due to lack of time, I got the mobile version for my tablet last year. It was cool in itself. But it was a little too little for me. This year I'm considering the touch version for the tablet.Now to my unanswered questions: - I realize that the Touch version is just a stripped down version. Is it still correct that you can only select 3-4 leagues with the touch version as with the mobile version? And are then just as few players displayed as in the mobile? - Can you download and install the same packs for the Touch version as for the "Normal" version? - And can you also load all graphics onto a memory card so that the FM Touch pulls the graphics from there for the game, thus saving storage space on the tablet?These were all my questions for the time being and I look forward to your help and thank you in advance.greetings
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