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  1. Metal_Guitarist's Football Manager 2011 11.3 Database Update

    very good work metal really Good .... but i would like to know where is the latest link for transfers to download
  2. Football Manager 2011 release date

    waiting fm2011 on fire
  3. Football Manager 2011 blogs

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the fm 2011 madness has started
  4. FM10 : What Team Should I Be Thread

    but i think getafe is strong enough to finish at least 7 place after edition have made any suggestions else?
  5. FM10 : What Team Should I Be Thread

    any suggestions i really want to struggle but with any team in first division in any league any suggestions
  6. FM10 : What Team Should I Be Thread

    hi to all i am looking for a team struggling with a average players but in the premier division in any league max funds 5 m rating: [1to 10 hard] i want 8 -10 very hard any suggestions
  7. hi to all can fm 2011 can like fifa manager that after transfers have occured and finisheed they generate a geographical map on the diffrerent leagues with highest wages players in all leagues and the highest transfers in all leagues
  8. I hate this game

    i am same as u i always gets angry and once i have broken a table from my angry but that the love of the game go fm
  9. Happy birthday to me...

    happy birth day
  10. fm2010 updated let's play [joker database] 96.000 changes

    championship transfers mostly updated but not all teams
  11. fm2010 updated let's play [joker database] 96.000 changes

    no i didn't play in players abilities
  12. hi to all lovers of our brilliant game fm2010 .. i have made a good update i think for fm and in includes 96.000 database changes .. i really worked hard on this update . the update includes: first thing 1-England: premier league [promotions/ transfers/ loans/balance/european comp./retired players/managers ] >>>fully updated coca cola league 1 >>>fully updated coca cola league 2 >>>fully updated 2-France: fully updated ligue 1 ligue2 3-Italy:fully updated Serie A Serie B 4-spain: fully updated liga bbv second divison 5-Germany:fully updated bundesliga second divisons and all leagues winners and cup winners have already updated and the other leagues that have been updated like: Scotland >>fully updated Belgium>> fully updated austria >>fully updated Switzerland >>fully updated sweden>>fully updated Denmak>>fully updated Russia >>fully updated czech >>fully updated croatia>>fully updated Turkey>>fully updated Grecce>>fully updated Portugal>>fully updated romania>>fully updated Holland>>fully updated cyprus [major teams] bulgaria[major teams] isreal [major teams] poland[major teams] serbia[major teams] second thing: uefa champions league and eufa cup[europa league] teams all have been updated expect one thing that parma enter uefa cap because italy was entering with 4 teams in uefa last year so parma enter because it finished 8 expect that all is correct and the winners of both comp. updated third thing: South americans leagues argentina [fully updated] uruguay [fully updated] brazil [mostly] chile [mostly] fourth thing: middle east nations and teams all have been updated that is the download link and i hope u like my database changes: http://www.mediafire.com/?lhqlm87sgco9xza In the end is there any thing that i missed tell me i am here all time and plz don't read the post and leave tell me u opinion and i would bd apperiecited [sorry for my english]