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  1. I noticed this earlier this week. Won the Carabao cup and got the notification that 36 players had got medals, despite the fact 48 players had played for me in that competition (the joys of three rounds of lower league opposition), the 12 who didn't get medals had been sent on loan since they had played in the cup. Seems that despite IRL the player would recieve a medal even if they had gone out on loan (Ritchie De Laet has a Prem Winners medal (12 games for Leicester in the title winning season) despite being at Boro on loan at the end of the season), the game doesn't seem to want to recognise that a player played enough games in a competition for their parent club to recieve a medal, if they are loaned out when the medals are won.
  2. I always keep an eye on PSG, Monaco and Lyon youth teams and spotted this little guy... I HAD to put in a bid for him.. Don't need him at all but one day he might get to Batista Bomb someone in a cup final
  3. Just noticed something that though not a major thing, could be something to be addressed. Won the Carabao cup after getting a very favourable first few rounds where I could play my youngsters and decided to see just how many players I could get winners medals should I get to the final and win it. Get the blurb after winning the competition that 36 players were given winners medals (you only need to participate in one game in the competition to recieve a medal). So I decided to go check how many of my players had infact played in the competition.... 48 different players played some minutes in the competition, 12 of which have gone out on loan over the course of the season but they played for my side in the competition. The twelve on loan players despite playing, so SHOULD be getting a medal don't even have it in their milestones that they won the competition despite helping to win the competition by playing in earlier rounds. This isn't the way it works in real life. Ritchie De Laet for example in the 2015/16 season with Leicester, he played 12 games in the first half of the season but was loaned out to Boro for the second half of the season. He ended up getting promoted from the Championship AND getting a winners medal for the Premiership due to having played enough games for Leicester in the first half of the season. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this now as I have a CM who played 5 games as cover, but has been sent off on loan. 5 games = medal if you win the title so if he doesn't get a medal..... Edit: Can confirm that after checking, players who had played in the competition but DIDN'T play in the final were granted milestones. So seems even if they complete in a competition, the game ignore that fact if they are out on loan at the time you win at least the cups. Now to hopefully find out if thats the case with the league.
  4. I generally ignore what the fans or the board say when signing or selling a player. I've had the board complain that I sold a backup midfielder at a profit because of the "finances" involved in the deal (signed for £48 million, sold for £54 million) and I had the fans complaining that I'd sold Luke Shaw despite the fact he was my 3rd pick at LB.
  5. I've had players ask for a certain area to be strengthened... not signed anyone for the first team (prearranged transfer of a kid for the u18's came in) and the player has been happy with what I'd done o_0
  6. We really do need an option to tell players who do stupid stuff like that just how utterly stupid they are!
  7. Think my u18's need to calm the hell down! No idea why the guy with 7 goals doesn't get MOTM. Ludogorets finished the group with a goal difference of -46... and my U18's didn't even top the group!!!
  8. Central Midfielders for me... Though I tend to only ever sign youth (on my current save the only over 22 players I've signed were free and end of contract (Rossi, Fletcher, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo)).. Right now in my first team I have 5 first team central midfielders with three or four that come in and play the cup games or when players are injured. On my fm19 save, it was strikers... No striker seemed capable of taking over from Rashford until he retired so my turnover for strikers was immense lol When he did retire, my AMR became my star striker lol
  9. Nope, FM2019 in my save I saw Chelsea finish a couple of places above the relegation zone within 4 years of the start of the save, they managed to pull back up and stay around mid table after that chopping and changing managers over and over. If memory serves correctly they had Allegri as boss when being theatened with relegation. Only IRL team I though of for it was River Plate when they got relegated not long after winning the Clausura!
  10. I've just noticed it start to happen with one of my players... But here's the thing, it's a Goalkeeper (David De Gea to be precise)... At the age of 33 a gk's stats shouldn't start to tank. This also seemed to coincide with him retiring from international duty to "elongate his club career". He best not get much worse as in FM19 I had him still as my first choice until his retirement at the age of 39! Also noticed, Harry Maguire's stats are also starting to drop dramatically and he's only 31 o_0
  11. Perfect player to throw in an offer where all the money is based on international appearences lol
  12. Year Leicester won it was more a case of the teams chasing slipped up when Leicester did so never closed the gap. Think United this season trying to chase Chelsea.. everytime Chelsea drop points, so do United. It's an odd one really because I've seen examples in FM where a team of good players with the odd great player can achieve something with a terrible manager but I've also seen a big team almost get relegated with a great manager and great players. It's also going to depend on how competetive a league is too, with the Premiership I'd say that there are a hell of a lot more teams that with the right tactics, other clubs slipping up etc could theoretically win the league whereas a lot of other leagues there is pretty much no real chance of more than 2 or 3 teams winning the league without some kind of thing happening.
  13. Compare that Ronaldo to my 38 year old Ronaldo: He still played regularly for Juve 49/1, 46/3, 28/1 (Hip Injury, 2 months out in Feb 2020), 44/3 in his final season with Juve before his contract expired. His stats have dropped somewhat this season as all I've been giving him is what he wants (Impact Sub) with the occasional start (we drew Juve in the Champions League lol) and now he's got a Lower Back Stress Fracture. He's announced his retirement, but I've asked him to reconsider so hopefully he'll change his mind and I can see his stats tank some more. Only player I've seen who has decided "that's it I'm going out at the top" was Guiseppe Rossi and he only retired because his snapped his ACL again.
  14. Other than attempting to move the club yourself (replacing a team in whatever league you wish to move them to) you could do a quick search to see if anybody has created a custom database for Denmark with the lower leagues made available.
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