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  1. Just played one of my affiliates in the FA Cup. I think the after match glass of wine may have been a little too strong for the opposition manager....
  2. Just noticed how I'm going to be starting my next season... Chelsea at Wembley... Chelsea at Old Trafford and Chelsea at the Stade Roi Baudouin...
  3. Whats so funny you may ask... Look at the player who bagged a 20 minute hatricks PARENT club......
  4. Yeah.. PSG.. I'll really be accepting a loan deal for my star striker midway through a season and I'm more than happy for you to pay 10% of his wages......
  5. If only real life reflected the game lol Barcelona could off Man Utd Messi for £5 and a 4 finger kitkat, and Ed would try to negotiate them down to £2.50 and a 2 finger funsize KitKat... That is where Man Utd are at the moment.
  6. I have a formation I use, and a backup one thats slightly more defensive if needed... It goes with me everywhere and if I can't fit the current players in, I'll find players who will. Same at International level, I'll go looking through as many players from that nation in any given position to find a guy who can play the way I want to play.
  7. I had the joy in FM19 that the new stadium got stuck in perma planning permission
  8. My guess is you'll get the achievement when the Stadium is finally built and opened.
  9. Back in the day I used to set my GK to take freekicks and penalties when I was an international boss and it was a friendly game. Ended up getting Tim Howard something like 20 international goals
  10. Think it was officially retired in March 2019, so this version of FM would be the first one without the competition. Was news to me to when I couldn't find the competition in game lol
  11. IRL Confederations Cup was retired due to the World Cup being increased in size to contain more teams.
  12. The joys of international management...
  13. You see a lot of rather large scorelines in the competition too when you see Europes best facing off against greyed out African/Oceanic clubs. Just means every 4 years the cream of European football play bad teams twice, then face off against each other in the knockout rounds. Infact the two that have happened in my game (2021, 2025) both finals were all English affairs.
  14. Yup it's changed in real life now too. The new tournament, planned to start in 2021, would be held every four years instead of annually, would feature 24 teams and 31 matches. It would include all UEFA Champions League winners, UEFA Champions League runners-up, Europa League winners and Copa Libertadores winners from the four seasons up to and including the year of the event, with the remainder qualifying from the other four confederations
  15. When it's a Manchester Derby in a cup final 5450 miles away from Manchester so the teams put on a proper show... The previous meeting in Manchester was a 2-0 win...
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