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  1. Have attempted but the stuff they requested to do were way to complex so will just look at getting a new driver
  2. No problem, thank you for your ongoing assistance. I’m not entirely sure if it’s a problem with the CPU or even graphics card. As other games also crash but just don’t come up with a graphics error
  3. Yup, still an ongoing issue with the graphics error
  4. I am using the TCS custom skin. I also tried it on just the default skin and it froze with the same error
  5. Yes I have done that. It seems to work fine and for hours if I instant results Games instead of fully going in and watching the game. So the error is only coming from going into the game?
  6. No problem FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.02.01 14.31.27).dmp
  7. This is the first time I’m attempting to play on this pc used to play it on a MacBook
  8. I bought the pc from a friend. But the pc was barely used for months, so I had to update everything. Could the graphics card have been damaged in that process of not being used? As he used to play CS GO etc but never used it for ages
  9. It lasted longer but then still crashed after doing this. Is the graphics card possibly out dated?
  10. Thank you, not long signed up so wasn’t sure. Is the graphics card out dated or just not able to run fm?
  11. So basically I have bought a pc specs are below. And everytime I run fm20 it’s having problems, I have tried doing the things through the Nvidia graphics card such as reinstalling it. I have been trying to run 6 leagues some even less and it’s still closing the app unexpectedly sometimes without the error code. Tried putting the graphics to low quality and still nothing, all help would be highly Appreciated. It has windows 10 but the windows isn’t activated does that make a difference I really am not sure
  12. Looking for a laptop, usually run around 10 leagues majority just the major league on a medium sometimes large database budget of around £700 will be used primarily just for fm Have no clue what is best for fm all help appreciated.
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