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  1. Hi All, I am wanting to see if anyone knows if it is a thing or not but does giving players goal bonus / clean sheet bonus within their contracts give them performance boosts? The reason why I ask is that recently when I am offering contracts I have been removing a players bonuses in order to build club funds.
  2. Hi, Anyone having any success from corners since the beta patch and if so what are you using? My setup is below and was working well but seems to be non existent now.
  3. Hi, I have been working on a tactic for a bit and wanted to get some advice on how it looks and if the more experienced players out their would have any suggestions to improve it.
  4. Oops sorry I just posted a thread and was reading this you replied and I thought it was on my thread I sorry my bad
  5. Hi, I have had decent results using the preset 4-1-4-1 Gegenpress coming through the leagues. I got the Reading job and got them promoted to the prem where I finished 8th in my first season. I have strengthened my team somewhat this year and sit around mind table but I am really finding it hard to score many goals. Something I have struggled with a lot is how to break down those teams who are parking the bus. I can get around 30 odd shots at goal with around 11 on target but either draw or lose. The issue now is I find all I am doing is constantly adjusting TI's and player roles etc and I am lost on what I need to be improving. Below are some pics of my setup:
  6. In my journey man save I ended up at reading and just got them prompted. First season in Prem I finished 9th but I was in the top 6 for large part of the season until my team hit a slump I started getting mauled. I have been experimenting game by game to try get some sort of run back here is what I am sitting with atm.
  7. Here is my formation I have rarely moved away from this since starting my Journey Man save. Started at Oxford City got them promoted went to Doncaster saved them from relegation and was in line for promotion when Reading came in for me saved them and finished second to get promoted. I am currently 8th In my 1st season of the prem.
  8. Yea I have had some issues with breaking down teams that sit in deep have you had any joy using IWB as apposed to Inside Forwards?
  9. I heard when watching a stream recently that there is a benefit to picking your team the day before a match as those players get a boost from the Match Prep training on that day. Can anyone confirm this and how much of a benefit does it bring? Thanks
  10. From what I have found is this happens due to teams seeing you as more of a threat than they once did. A combination of you keeping your players morale high and saying the right things in press conferences etc all help with handling this and players complacency aswell. Regular rotating of players also help. Then the next big thing is the change in how your team play as teams see you as more of a threat therefor they will park the bus more often which requires you to tinker your tactics a little more to draw them out to your players so you can get space in behind them.
  11. If it would be helpful I could look at recording a video of my own to show you guys?
  12. Since posting g this I have noticed with google searches others noting this as a problem and they don’t use shortlists the way that I do therefor it seems a wider problem. i was watching the below YouTube video and he also noted a problem with it if you want to take a look watch from around the 13 minute mark.
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