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  1. After the latest patch touch has become incredibly unreliable. Furthermore for the first time I have experienced a graphic glitch, when at the beginning of the season the assistant show you the players that are in the last year of contract.
  2. Honest feedback 1. Overall the game seems to run a little faster. This lead to better touch respond even during the match when to make a substitute was a real struggle. Still needs improvement though. 2. Still statters on 2d match ( samsung t585) not satisfied 100%, but its definitely watchable. Now you can actually see what happened. Hope for a flowing 2d at least with another patch. The company owe as a flow 2d engine. 3. The matches are now way more football alike. No more arcade driven chances and one on ones, and very pleasing reactions. More real life passing and s
  3. set all game speeds on normal , not high. It is not the solution to the problem but it is considerably better. Still waiting for the updated engine ofcourse.
  4. After so many days and not even a simply reply according to the "advise never go away problem". I believe you find it normal or happens only to me then. Anyway I still enjoy the game and still hope that something will be done with match performance
  5. Hello harrison, this is the screen that i am talking about, is in greek ( a big thanks by the way for the language selection ) but you will easily understand the issue. before mach you cant scroll down no matter what. i took it by my sellphone cause of the "not accurate touch" or "freez" bug when getting outside the app so i couldnt take a proper screenshot. Photo 5.jpg show the same screen during the mach, everything is ok . 2) Another ( small ) bug . photo 2.jpg show when your assistant give you an advice during the match . if you interact and e
  6. Hello, when I bought the game the starting condition of it reminded me of the rome 2 debut but it's been allready great progress on performance and I'm sure you will manage to fix most of the problems. Ps . Another small issue. Before starting the game, When you are on tactics screen you cant scroll down to issue "more discipline" and other orders. Only in that screen happens. Not a big deal, Again, thank you for the great game and have a great new year!
  7. I own both mobile and touch version. At first the touch version was almost unplayable. After the recently patches and the resolution of the "changing positions" bug for samsung devices, the game become, for the first time, not only playable but also almost enjoyable. Current major problem is the still annoying lag even on 2d matches that become worst on the second half. Also, before match I can move players positions smoothy, during the mach I have lagging and ghost fx doing it. Hope for further performance upgrades or atleast an option to downgrade the graphics ( maybe on par with themobil
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