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  1. Thanks everybody who replied! I am actually struggling with this, since one of my CMs is a natural defending I retrained and does the job really well. However, the other one is more of a natural CAM (Donny van de Beek) and while he has great workrates, stamina, etc, he lacks defensively. However, I can not not use my star player. Any advice here? Thanks a lot anyway everybody❤️
  2. I do NOT think defending wider is a good idea for you I just said that your original tactic could easily be countered by defending wider and as such needed a threat in the middle, your mezalla now. I think your tactic rn seems fine, althougj I would suggest to turn your WB on the side if your MEZ to a FB against quick sides, as a MEZ and a WB might leave you exposed om the break
  3. To me, the real question would be why you chose overlap with 2 inverted minded wingers. Who is there to overlap? I'd think that the mezzalla gets dragged out of position so much by that that the centre is underwhelmed and when faving a setup like yours, I would definitively play through centre and defend with more width. Imo you should think about underlapping and definitively balamce your side out. 2 wingbacks with 2 inside forwards or if you want 1 inverted winger. More stable midfield. It seems like a variant on tiki taka so a registra would do as dm if you have over 60% p
  4. I am currently playing a 4231 gegenpress, yet have failed to archieve real success against smaller teams with stamina depleting quickly and am thinking about switching to a 4231 with: Tadic (PF) Rw: Neres Cam: Zyjech (am-a/s) Lw: Promes Cm: Donny van de Beek (dynamic midfielder/mezzalla-s) Cm: Alvares (playmaker for defence-defend) Lb: tagliafico (wb-s) Cb: Martinez (bpd-d) Cb: veltman (bdp-d) Rb: Mazraoui (wb-s) Gk: Onana (Sk-s) Anybody tips for roles and advice whether or not to switch to a
  5. I've got 2, 1 of which happened to me. The year is 2020, I just won a double with Ajax and got to the quarter finals of the Champions League. Dest did great and is really close to getting the spot over Mazraoui permenantly. In comes PSG. Transfer: Mazraoui: Ajax->PSG (96m). The kid literally played 18 games the season, with Dest playing the others. Oh and somehow, City managed to replace Pep with EtH and they signed Stefan de Vrij of all people (since they need the defenders) for a whopping 120m. What the...?
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