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  1. I'll try 442 today in a network screen that's impressive.
  2. In truth, I would have done the same a month ago. Probably sometimes my nerves can not stand it. For example, I made one tactic and after all your gang comes out 20 copies and they are all worse. And a couple of times I wrote to come up with something of my own and sometimes Kashmir is hard to win.
  3. Dude, why you should be respected. I'd rather say your whole gang why you should be respected. For tea for one. Which was copied from my stilekiller v-1. Or for this training schedule.
  4. Enough to copy. Think of something of your own.https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/fm20-4-4-3-3-reddevils.658/
  5. TFF hi. You can write something to the mail lisa565658@gmail.com there is a question but privately.
  6. TFF hi. For starters, I want to say that no one can compare with you. And the question is, can I make tweak some of your tactics?
  7. Hello, don’t tell me how many points you need to score with underdogs, for example with Norwich, so that tactics are considered great
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