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  1. What do you mean? I play three at the back and it works well. Have you tried it?
  2. Agree with getting rid of "pass into space" also try messing with the crossing type. Low crossing in my save is getting better results so that is an option. If you are conceding goals away from home try narrowing the defensive line a bit, it just tightens it up a fraction. I find that a high tempo and shorter passing gets me the space and acts like a counter but also has good possession with mobility in the centre. This might fit in with what I see your style is trying to be. Keep going...
  3. But it is only the match engine that controls all of this so leaving it to do its own thing so to speak has to different test results, if Man City got relegated then yes, there would be concern (not from me as I am Man UTD) The swing in points is 49 and that is less than 10 points per season which is not that much really.
  4. I did and I do, but do you really expect the three seasons to be exactly the same. That would actually be more worrying. There has to be randomness in the game and then we micro manage each situation to our best abilities. Don't get me wrong here, I do like your post and your efforts in trying out tests but I think that there are so many facets in the ME that you will always get a broad set of results if left to play out un-managed and no human interaction.
  5. A few questions. Did the other teams use the same tactics in all tests? Did the other teams use the same players in all tests? Did the other teams have no injuries in all the tests? Did the other teams have same morale in all the tests? Did your team have no injuries in all the tests? Did your team use the same players in all the tests? and so on. There has to be a degree of randomness and that is proven by you tests but is not a conclusion, all teams are managed and they make decisions that none of us FM'ers can do anything about. If I managed my squad in a different way than I do I would get different results, but I watch every second and change my tactics probably more than 10 times a game, tweaks here and there to react to what is going on. Jurgan Klopp and his Liverpool team are no an accident, he has a highly motivated squad and is constantly jumping around the technical area shouting out instructions. This happens in the game as well. You will get different results as there has to be random actions going on to make it realistic. Imagine the psychics involved in a 20 yard shot that either hits the cross bar or just dips under it. A few inches is the difference between a win, lose or draw in game and in real life. Just enjoy the game, I am having a great time with my save.
  6. Sweet goals there, I think someone is jealous. I get some great play, not all goals but pleasing to watch and makes me jump out of my chair when they shave the post. Great to see your doing well mate, keep it up...
  7. At last... Firstly, I hate pre-season, SI did a very good job with this as they made it clear that no player wants to get fully involved and get injured, which is correct and it really shows when you are trying a new formulae for the coming months with random, crazy performances. The lack of real effort and cohesion is evident and it is really tough to glean any real feedback from all your ideas, it is only when it actually matters that you can start to see what needs to be done, as you are a seasoned FM'er you already know this... Now your real job starts.... At first glance from the the back, and you know from my previous posts and PM that I support your idea thoroughly, If you are using the DW to be more aggressive than the WB then there will be more onus on the back trio to defend, the wider settings for their starting position is good, it works for me but you have two of them pushing up with the stopper duty which may further increase the space behind your high line, with the defensive push and the offside option being less tight a fast overpowering opposition could smell blood and exploit this space. This I feel will be fine against weaker teams but you will maybe need to create a le jeu à la Nantaise utopia and a le jeu à la Nantaise dystopia for easy and tough games respectfully by lowering the duties of the wide CD's I have to admire that midfield setup, it has the DW that are just great and such fun to watch (you wait till the season starts proper) and the zigzags of movement and mentalities that it will create from the three central players could be something to behold, the Treq and some FM'ers bemoan the ability of the AM slot this year, but for me it still works, yes maybe the AM slot is not as overpowered as it has been but I don't suffer from the negatives as he is another out for the Mids to looks for, another dimension to the zigzag, it's great. Do not forget the BWM as an option for the CMd, it is a great role with the right player. The Treq as I have Pm'ed you about earlier could be suited to the set piece option of keeping him in the centre circle at all times while defending, you are employing a quick counter system like I do and many good times have come from the clearance falling to the attacking players in that area, let's be honest here, he is a Treq and payed handsomely to be a lazy arsed hero, so leave him up there. I do believe that as the season progresses you could be onto something really unique, a decent bit of luck in the transfer windows would see this idea really come to life as you flesh out the team with players you deem more suitable. Don't waste your time searching for DW's as they do not exist in essence, a custom search will bare more fruit and as this is a philosophy mostly outside of normal tactics, custom searches will mainly be the only way you can go. Again, these are just my opinions and ideas and never would I negatively criticise peoples hard work. I love this game and really enjoy being involved in some part with projects like this that will educate us all if we allow it to. Take care
  8. So it does not happen in the other half of the games? Now if this kept happening to me and it does not, I would drop my mentality down straight after scoring for 5-10 minutes to settle my team. Maybe set up one of the match plans to drag certain players back from more attacking positions for a while. The superhuman CPU has been done to death and is tiresome now, it does not exist and as it goes, neither does the bogeyman. It is even said by the real football pundits that teams are most susceptible to conceded after scoring. FM needs concentration and you have to learn and mange your team through problems like this and not sit and wait for something to whine about, be proactive.
  9. Great post mate Man alive, the patches are finished and it is two weeks later and still the negative posts. My game is fine and I have a really good time trying to out think my opponent be it their negative approach or their super offensive attack. strikers score their share, crosses are not always met, penalties are scored, through balls are scored sometimes, long shots are scored sometimes, intricate passing moves are scored sometimes , I get sucker punched sometimes, I get angry with my team sometimes, Injuries happen sometimes. If you look for negatives all the time then you will eventually find them and then be overwhelmed by them. I spend more time trying to out wit or find a better way to beat my opponent than I do posting selected images of my interpretation of how the ME is broken, actually, I looked into the patch notes from Neil and to my horror found this. With the February transfer window now closed we're happy to announce that Update 20.4.0 is now available for Football Manager 2020* via Steam. The update should download automatically, but if you find it hasn't updated, we'd suggest restarting Steam. If you’re unsure whether the game is on the latest version, you can see the version number on the main menu of the game in the bottom-left hand corner. For access to database and competition updates you'll be required to start a new game, but for all other fixes you're fine to continue any pre-existing saves. 20.4.0 Update Changes including (but not limited to): ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Stability fixes - Further database updates covering February transfer window - Fix for 'Disable First Transfer Window Activity' - Tweaks to lighting for matches and Newgen faces - Competition tweaks and updates across a number of leagues - Fix for right-clicking on training sessions - Various other UI improvements across the game If you look at the highlighted text it spells an eerie message.
  10. The link is not allowed to be embedded. Youtube copyright law.
  11. I am a big fan of players in the opposite strata as you are thinking about it for the ST and AM, it just sort of messes with the defence a bit more. A sort of box shape rather than a pole shape coming at them if you like, added dimensions. I tried a back 3 of CD's earlier today and set the two widest to play wider and it seems secure so far, they did have wide midfielders to help out and a half back. The half back could easily swap out for another role that is still mindful of the defensive duties without being tethered to the D outside the area. The mentality choice is going to be interesting for this type of tactic as I have found it to be the spark that lights the fire so to speak, too low and the desire of gaining possession appears lacklustre, too high and, well, holes start to appear. An option would be players set on automatic while you form the basis of your style, I don't know.
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