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  1. Yes, I like the DLFsu and AF combo kinda jiggles the lines up a bit and gives options and space for the AMC to explore or burst into, I use a DLF with good pace and an AMC with good brains when I venture down this road. But what has been said in this thread is be mindful of the opposition using a DM as they can effect the AMC very strongly, so maybe tweak him to support duty or even train him to comes deep to get the ball trait. If you visualise what Experienced Defender has posted for the front three, AF is pretty much in the box or there about and the other two are swapping spaces to me
  2. But I would argue that by setting a players role you are allowing his team mates to make decisions based on his role. Example being an inverted winger is giving the nod to an attacking WB to overlap when he cuts inside. This is replicated all over the pitch in one way or another. So I do believe that interaction is having an affect or indeed an influence on other players.
  3. @Sh@rk and @bossland Thank you both, was having a meltdown trying to fix it. Got it back to the first screen I posted, such a great layout it is by far my favourite skin and I thought my save crash had killed it. Again, thanks...
  4. Something strange happened to the skin, after a save crashed the player attribute screen went from the top picture to the bottom picture and I just can't fix it, any help would be great.
  5. Put your crash helmet on mate, even though this is a feedback thread to an update no positive comments are welcome as I have found out, a big baby tried to shoot me down and failed just because I am doing well with the ME, maybe it was sleepy, who knows. People post stats bemoaning that real world strikers are scoring more than the FM equivalents are, oooh spooky! so a simulation is not bang on, what? you want exact numbers now? Well I have a real player that is scoring more than he should do according to the general blah around here so where does that leave your statistics? There se
  6. @santy001Nice result and a good little pun chucked in as well Have you played against a negative team yet with your new ideas at the back?
  7. Would making one of the BPD's a cover rather than defend add a little more security, like your fastest one. Just those few extra yards deeper could make the difference. Do you need two BPD's at all?
  8. That is a fair comment and I agree with most of your points, I have given some advice but draw the line at swapping tactics. It just feels wrong and helps no one learn the game. I have struggled and got thrashed but then made the changes needed, as I said in my initial post, I just don't suffer from the problems that are posted on here.
  9. In what way am I looking down at anyone? That comment makes no sense. I am not here for an argument unlike you, I simply posted a screenie of a great result and how happy I am with the game. Maybe being negative all the time is what you think is the way forward, who knows and who cares?
  10. I don't have issues with this game so how could I possibly agree that there are. I don't see them. And I will block out anything I won't as I do not share tactics nor download them. But thanks for the compliment, weird is preferable to hoity toity.
  11. No problems with my match engine, six goals were from beautiful play and one from a penalty. No corners and no free kicks. Blocked out my formation as I learnt it and formed it over the last few months and I micro manage all through the game. Yes, there are some tweaks that SI can do, but a full on forum section to call them out is a bit unfair. My team are playing great football and I really enjoy the game. Come on folks, we have enough bugs flying around the world right now, lets at least beat any bugs in the game that you can and get over it. Go and thrash a team, cheer, get pisse
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