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  1. Both the team talks and the press conferences can have a positive effect if you use them correctly. I often have players morale going up (and occasionally down) due to press conferences.
  2. so frustrating

    But if you play France in Paris you ARE playing away.
  3. I have trust issues...

    I always check the clubs training facilities and coaches out. However if you are not a top team quite often the only options are pretty poor clubs so do you let them rot in your reserves or send them to a poor club with poor staff?
  4. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    And there you have your answer :-)
  5. How to use new kits

    3d strips aren't changed by downloading a new kit. It just changes the kit on your information page. However I changed my kit using FMRTE and some matches my team use my new kit and some matches they use the old one. So if you want your team to play in your new kit (sometimes!) use FMRTE to edit the colours.
  6. The stats aren't always correct. I've just played a game and my striker had a shot straight at the keeper who saved it. Clicked on the match stats and it said I'd had 0 shots on target!
  7. How do you define close odds?

    Anything that's less than 2/1 imo. So Evens 5/4, 6/4 or 7/4are pretty close odds.( And obviously the opposite odds 4/5 4/6 4/7)
  8. Viewing Matches

    full detail if you want to watch the match.
  9. You have already been told...Go to the tactics forum!
  10. If Bristol City got to the final would the play Dean GERKEN in goals or go without GERKENs!?
  11. wath do you do?

  12. What is your age?

    Just turned 38 and loving FM as much as the 1st one!
  13. Easier to get a son??

    Peter Horne and Louis Horne at Bradford.
  14. Easier to get a son??

    I think you need a wife or at least a girlfriend 1st, not sure but just what I've heard...