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  1. Hey, I’m just starting a new save with Athletic and wondered if after the update whether many are moving Serrano and Williams straight up into the first team? Their PA looks great compared to some of the first teamers, they just need to do some bulking up but I don’t want to rush them too much
  2. Thanks for this! Haven't been on the forum for the past few days but will take this on board and I think make some small changes to my current 41212
  3. Thanks, making those changes has definitely improved the way the team plays and I also changed from poacher to advanced forward which has seemed to help as well. I'm now seeing the strikers less isolated through having support and the ball being played to them. Still not many games played yet but will keep an eye out for any issues.
  4. Not had a chance yet today, but hopefully this evening will be able to give it a go with a few more friendlies I've got lined up. In terms of other players to change to an attacking mentality I don't see which, apart from the AM I could change there. I will try changing the mentality and see how the teams plays between balanced and positive
  5. Would changing to a FB-S leave me without sufficient width on the left flank, or it should be ok? My other thought was to change the Mez-S to an AP-S or even CM-S. Saul's PIs look look he could end up roaming naturally
  6. I've made some further changes which I will try to see if they make any improvements: Removed narrow width Removed focus play Tempo now standard Pressing intensity now standard, only front 3 with close down more BBM changed to CAR DLF-A changed to CF-S WB-A now WB-S I was wondering as well whether changing from Mez-S to AP-S would bring any benefits? I generally haven't used the AP role but Saul would be suited to it here. -
  7. Good point on adding the Narrow TI in as well, it may constrict the team a bit too much. In terms of addressing the lack of movement I'd hoped that both Men and BBM would be dynamic enough to provide some width and movement but are there any roles that would be better here. I was thinking as well about whether AM-S is offering enough support?
  8. Hey, I've created a new save and I want to use a 4-1-2-1-2 formation, and play a possession focused game. My current setup is below but from the few games I've played so far I'm seeing that there is a disconnection between the strikers and the rest of the team and would welcome suggestions in choice of roles and instructions, team familiarity with the tactic is quite low as well still. I've actually been playing Felix as a DLF-S rather than DLF-At but was going to try it in the next game. The only player instruction I've added is to the BBM to stay wider. Thanks for the
  9. Thanks - to see pass combinations is that available under Match Analysis? I need to have a look at more of what's available to me You definitely make sense, I need to think more about how to shift the focus of play to benefit the ST! I've seen another thread using Atletico to replicate Guardiola so will have a look there for inspiration as well
  10. I'm going to try changing the role of Koke to a CM(S), I've been looking at a few recent games and I'm still not happy with how Felix is playing as a F9. I just beat Inter 1-0 which was great but the goal was a penalty and looking at the match stats he still isn't getting as involved as I would hope. Possibly with Inter's 3 man defence he didn't have the space to work in. One change I will make is to take Counter off, when watching games I think we're breaking and he isn't getting involved in the attack as Correa, Lemar and Carrasco are all quicker than him. I will try Hold Shape and see if he
  11. Nice thread, I've been thinking of trying a 4411 with Roma or AC Milan and was wondering about the WM-A, is it best for their strongest foot to be the side they play on or the opposite? I was thinking Zaniolo could be good for the role and he is left footed
  12. For the 4411 I have this but I'm not convinced that the midfield is the best setup, although I haven't tried it yet
  13. Something like this for the 433? I used the previous set up in a couple of games and I wasn't happy with it, Felix seemed much too isolated and wasn't getting involved:
  14. Great! I will give them a go and see how things develop. Looking at the 433 now I was wondering about changing Koke to a Mez rather than BBM as I was concerned that there may not be enough other scoring options
  15. I'm not sure about the best midfield setup below him but what are your thoughts on something like this with Felix as the TQ in a 433: I was thinking about a 4411 as well with Felix behind the striker:
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