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  1. I have only been able to find Marin when I have the Croatian league active
  2. I hadn’t considered them but they look to have some good players and a big stadium - I will check them out in more detail. Cool, they are the one I’m leaning towards and the Leverkusen thread on the forums has sparked my interest even more. Could you expand at all on why you would choose them over say Dortmund? Having read a bit more about Leipzig and why they are disliked in Germany I have also gone off them a bit, although some fantastic young players.
  3. I’m struggling to stick with a save after starting a few with clubs in Spain and Italy. I'm thinking now of starting a save in Germany after the winter transfer window as I haven’t managed there before, but I’m unsure of which club. I'm looking for a Bundesliga club, with a good amount of local players, good youth development, and a good reputation. Ideally a club in a position to get into Europe and maybe within a few years challenge Bayern. At the minute I’m thinking of Leipzig, Leverkusen or Borussia Dortmund. Has anyone had any good saves with these clubs? Ideally I would like a strong core of Local players from within the club or which can be bought. Can anyone also recommend any good young German players to look out for?
  4. Great thank you! I will give that a go and see what happens.
  5. All are right footed apart from Suso who I play as the F9. I was planning on a more possession oriented 352 as well, more like 32221. Yes after posting I thought both WBs on Attack would be too much, I probably will put my LWB as either a CWB(s) or WB(A) when Hernandez is back from injury. Thank you, I will give what you have suggested a go as well:
  6. I'm looking for some advice on how I can create more chances for my strikers in my 352 formation with Milan, first season. I'm still working through pre-season but my strikers are really not getting involved or putting chances away, most goals are coming from my WB's.. Is there anything obvious I have done in my tactics that may be causing this? I have been considering putting the Mez back on Support and WBs to Attack. Str
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