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  1. I was certain that this would've fixed the problem but unfortunately all my Tahitian players are still classes as foreign. Really not sure what the alternative could be. Again, I am very new to the editor so may have done it wrong lol
  2. I have no doubt if I load the lower leagues of France then I'll be able to draft in a few free agents. Still a major pain tho. From what I can see it does indeed look hard-coded but I'm very much new to the editor!
  3. I have no idea how to change it in the editor It says in the rules that "All nations in Oceania (Other than NZ)" are counted as EU yet its throwing up the same issue. Most of my players have French second-nationality which is even more frustrating. Any advice on how to change the Coupe De France would be greatly appreciated guys!
  4. Thanks for the heads up on that one mate! Really gutted about the Coupe De France, is there a work-around that could be implemented to the database to make an exception to this rule? I may jump into the editor and outright remove it tbh.
  5. Do team from French territories (Tahiti etc) qualify for the Coupe de France in this database?
  6. Ok guys I think I've figured it out! Was having a look at the AFC Cup in 2017 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_AFC_Cup). Guam are eligible to submit two teams to the competition but only chose to submit one. That club, Rovers FC, withdrew alongside their opponents in the qualifiers. In recent years the FA has not submitted teams to the AFC despite being eligible. Other nations in the database have done similar including Afghanistan, Pakistan, DRK, Myanmar, Oman and the Philippines. To reflect realism, I would argue that teams from Guam should have the ability to enter the qualification stage as they did in 2017. I think it would make a great save lol.
  7. Had a look online. They are part of the AFC and the national team competes in the Qualifiers but I can't find any record of them competing in the Champions League. Edit: their Wiki page has them listed as competing in the AFC Cup. I see that they also had a team in the qualifiers for the 2017 version.
  8. Nah they’re not included on the database but I can’t see why they wouldn’t be involved irl.
  9. Any chance of some nations such as Guam or Northern Mariana islands getting continental football? Eyeing up a save in Guam atm!
  10. I’m also very interested in this question! Can leagues in NA or Oceania increase in rep? Love the database but this would be the icing on the cake!!
  11. Hey man, small bug with the file (for me atleast). Was managing in Bermuda and registered my team for the CONCACAF CL. Worked well until matchday 5 when all my players were unregistered and I wasnt given the option to register players. Found a similar bug the next season in the qualifiers. Other than that the file is perfect!!
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