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  1. Hello. Happy holidays. Hopefully someone can help me get back on track. I am on my fourth season with a custom team in a portuguese lower league. But when I try to pass the game, it crashes during the pass or selecting the squad to next game or during the next game. Going to hollidays doesnt help. I am using a custom database to load up that lowerleagues of Portugal. I am using one of the created teams in the loewr leagues. I tried to clear cache, reload skin, clear preferences, delete facepack and still doesnt work. I read somewhere that who has a AMD Radeon Graphic Driver may face this type of problem but tried their solutions but doesnt help. I Still want to play this safe until my team wins the EuroLeague Champions so until 2100 real time. I add the files into a winrar because of the heavy files and you can test it all. Here is the link: https://easyupload.io/3j9yb4 Happy saves. Filipe Gomes
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