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  1. yeah the only reason i still play on this save is to try to take 38 wins of 38 in the league, have come close with the last to season with 36 wins and 35 wins and 0 losses. barca and valencia are still decent, the rest of the league is crap. took the league goals record last season with 128 goals so that`s taken. Messi`s 50 goal a season record i bet i can probably just forget with playing this shape. Mbappe have got 32 has record, but he`s taking the pens. getting around 10 of thoose goals a season and misses about 5-8 every season... Should had Boring James Milner taking my pens he would ha
  2. Thanks then if I play him as a treq he will most likely press good enough. yeah Mbappe was my main man, and thats the meaning behind the setup. the right winger scored a good amount aswell. And you are defintily right that i score alot of goals from the overload on the right side. my f9 does everything i want other than providing with assist. he actually score more goals this season than i expected with 18 in 30 league games. So im not in need to change he`s role. I guess im just trying to be greedy... it`s only to thing I would like my f9 to do, that`s maybe a treq could do it
  3. hi, I have a question about playing an treq as a lone forward in a 4-3-3/4-5-1. I belive to remember that a treq will not be pressing or defend as much as a f9 out of possesion, but then if he have high aggersion like my regen Amtmann he will press equal to a f9 is this true? I have never used an treq so much and never as a lone striker, but i don`t think f9 gets`s enough involved. only 3 assist in last season in 30 games in the league. and i took 108 points. So you can say I have a world class team. If i change the f9 to a treq should i then change the mezzala to a b2b ? to keep more ba
  4. can you post your idea on the setup for more attacking penetration? I run a similar, but sometimes I just can't break down some of the parked busses i meet.
  5. What kind of PI’s would you use in the setup with the pressing forward? woukd it be to attacking to change the Mezzala for a cm(a)?
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