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  1. Hey all, just bought the game again for the first time in 3 years. On my first save, I've noticed that the frequency of red cards seems to be too high. I'm currently managing in the Premier League, where after 14/15 rounds, there have been a total of 29 red cards handed out. Man City have seen red 5 times in 15 matches, Burnley 4, and Arsenal are 3rd in the red card table with 3. My question is - is this red card frequency an aberration, or is it an issue with the ME in this version of the game?
  2. Sorry, don't mean to be perceived as "stealing" this thread, just wanted to let it be known that I just got this exact same issue, also when selecting seasonal objectives.
  3. Currently managing San Marino in the Serie C and have had 2 players seriously injured recently recently, for 3-5 months. In both cases, they sustained these injuries mid-match, seemingly the result of harsh challenges or tackles. I can accept this, that's football, it's a physical game and these things happen. However, it's the type of injury they ended up suffering that is baffling to me. In the first instance, I was told in a news item afterward that a player had torn a hamstring after pulling up during a sprint - this is clearly not what happened according to the ME. And in the 2nd case, it was a torn calf muscle. Why are my players tearing hamstrings and calves, when the match engine is portraying the injuries as ones you'd typically expect to see from harsh challenges, such as broken bones, etc. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't really see how it's realistic to tear a hamstring under a challenge? :confused:
  4. Play time: I'd say around 400 hours, with it being on in the background a good amount. I have found FM 13 to be a better game in 12, but not really in the areas that truly matter. There are little touches and features that make it better, but some core areas of the game such as the ME, contract negotiation (players and staff...staff won't accept 25 GBP a week less...LOL) and AI Squad building have either been steps backward or remain problematic. I'd give the ME a 5/10, really hope it's improved for 14.
  5. Just wanted to highlight the importance of this post. Thanks for taking the time and posting your findings. Hopefully SI takes notice of this.
  6. Agreed that it's a small sample size, but something to keep an eye on nonetheless. Cheers.
  7. Agreed with people who suggest that free kicks are flying in all too frequently now. I'm playing in the Polish second tier, for context. Prior to the update, I had seen maybe one free kick go in all season (3 games left), whether for or against me. Now, since the patch, I have played four games. I have seen 0, 2, 1, 2, free kicks go scored, with the last game still in progress.
  8. This wasn't a problem before the patch and am not sure if it was triggered by the patch itself, but I have noticed that for my last few fixtures, I've kept getting the same referee. Twice in a row I would even understand, but this goes beyond that. I'm playing in the Polish second tier if that makes a difference.
  9. Would appreciate any help with these two completely unrelated and quite random questions: 1) Has it been acknowledged by SI that there are all too many goals credited as "own goals" that shouldn't be? For example, I just had one where the opposition keeper made the initial save but couldn't keep the shot out as it was just too powerful to stop - and he was credited with an own goal. Any word on whether this will be addressed for 13? 2) Screen flow. I could never quite get it to work properly when I tried to mess with it. What I wanted to do was essentially have it be as it was in the old days - I want to be able to see the scheduled matches in the CL and European Championships( ONLY on the days they are being played, though) even if I'm not managing a team that's participating in those tournaments. Is this possible?
  10. dafuge's FM12 challenge

    Just got the game today, first thing I did was start holidaying so that I could get straight into this challenge. Luckily, on my first attempt, I was presented with some rare teams, namely Canvey Island, Bedford Town and Weymouth. In the end, I opted for the Seagulls. So here I am.
  11. The Unwanted

    Keep up the great work, 10-3. I too have read this story over roughly a 24 hour period and I have to say...it's simply brilliant.
  12. It's chee like the beginning of cheat, and the "chy" sound is kind of like the beginning of hit or him. Combine those and you'll have Cichy...hope that makes sense.
  13. Unfortunately, you're both incorrect. I was going to type the name out phonetically, but to be honest, it looks a little ridiculous...and I was struck by a better idea. Click listen
  14. The Story of My Life – By I P Freely

    I'm new to FMS, but this is utterly brilliant. I can see why you've earned all those awards, PM7. I'm not ashamed to admit that I laughed out loud while reading. Sad, I know, but keep up the good work!
  15. Thanks, B.W.G. That game against Gornik Leczna really is going to settle it, I feel. It's funny too, because for most of the season when asked by the reporters which team I saw lifting the title, I always responded the same way - Gornik Leczna. Hopefully we don't slip up against already relegated Dolcan Zabki in our next match, though. I'd be more confident if we were at home, where we very rarely lose. It looks like the classic banana peel game to me. Also, B.W.G. - your updates and progress are inspiring. I remember how a short while ago I'd tipped you to make it out of the CL group stages - and now you've been in a semi-final! Unbelievable. Keep up the fantastic work. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself, but what are your plans after you've completed the challenge? Will you continue managing in Wales to see how much you can improve the league's reputation?