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  1. Everton 5 - 1 Aston Villa Got 2 Red Card from both my MC *moved ML & MR to MC Role* all i can say is, this tactic is solid!
  2. Knap what kind of MC do you play in the latest 442? Box2Box or DMC or AMC??
  3. can't wait for you to fix up the tactic for the new patch 12.2.0 which break alot of good tactic
  4. come new patch 12.2.0, alot of tactic has fallen from their glory days knap, any of your tactic still working in the new patch?
  5. 12.2.0 Patch using Everton as sample (Firstly no Transfer, Striker rated 3 star and below, Average Midfield, Above Average Defend (Weak Right Back) Don't ask me what happen on the 4-3(W) match, it just went out of control xD (Using Jan Mucha as GK) My View : Defend definite need to be tweaked, Midfield & Forward has lost abit of their glory day BUT need lethal My Worry : I do not know whether its bad luck or what, my player like to hit the bar alot which causes me some match :0 Pre-Season Match Result + 1 EPL Match (West Brom was @ home and FAV to win with Tim Howard injure (Jan Mucha slot in)
  6. Take your time now Mr Hough, we wouldn't want a incomplete tactic now!
  7. Mr hough if STC is poacher type may i know what kind of striker should i look out for STL & STR?
  8. Normally 7 without scoring if not its 8 to 9 depending on how many goal he score but player do have its bad form too lowest i get is 6
  9. all the stat should be around 14-16 well that was in my season 5 stat O.o but he was just rated 3 star but he being an awesome replacement for my Everton's player "Bily"
  10. You guy should check out some of the following player Lewis Holtby Adrien Alan Gatagov (retrain it to AMR)
  11. never stick to 1 player man, u should alt switch your player like every 2 to 3 matches
  12. haha its ok if u have only 7M, just pay 23M over 48mth and that make 1 whole season by then if u are winning, u get lot of money then it will not be a problem
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