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  1. Yea its this tactic: https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/4-4-1-1-spirit-of-99.170/ Haaland scored a lot of goals with this. I think u can either use this or the sympathy for the full season. I just switched because I wanted to try another tactic.
  2. Hey, I used in the first half of the season sympathy in any match and in the second half spirit of 99 in every match, except for some matches against Teams, that are a lot stronger like Man City or Liverpool. But yea, I won the CL in the final against Liverpool (used Silician) in the first season.
  3. With Dortmund I had success with Sympathy for the Devil (the original one) & with the spirit of 99. But against teams like Liverpool who were stronger then me I used Silician. Won the league and the CL but lost in the cup finale against schalke... In the second season I'll try argus now I think
  4. So I've tried your tactic halfway through the season so far. Looks good I guess, even when I lost 3 (but in 2 matches I got a red card after 5-10 min)
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