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  1. where is patch 2.30, i want to play only in this version. patch 2.40 is broken, it only has bugs.
  2. not in my game editor. I have to do a new competition to do this. it is not possible to make changes to the edited compilation made originally. explains how to do it?
  3. the editor game has no substitution rules. wanted to change the substitution rules. a simple thing, why not available? I disappointed
  4. fm21 editor there is no change in an existing championship. have to make a new championship. it takes a lot of work.
  5. tank you, fm21 editor there is no change in an existing championship. have to make a new championship. it takes a lot of work.
  6. game editor has no substitution rules. wanted to change rules of substitution. to change all competitions to 5 out of 12. please.
  7. I started unemployed. I joined the team in December and was in last place 20th. I just reached the goal. and be in the middle table in 10th. I ended up winning UEFA, and qualified for the Champions League. threaten to fire me ??? it has too many mistakes and everyone looks. morale of the players. repeated phrases with players even if they know they will not play anymore, they are always saying they want to play more even when they are away from the team. every month always upset with the same conversation. coach never has a conversation that favors. and always to make the situation worse. training blocks a certain time in the development of the players. in games the AI blocks when I try to score goals. try to stop you thrashing the other team. it looks like a limiter. other mistakes I don't remember . because of this thing I don't feel like playing fm20 . i think i will continue to play fm19 even and the most balanced of all football managers.
  8. I have 670 hours just to try tactics. this fm does not matter the tactics or quality of the players. if fm20 AI decides to lose 10 games in a row you lose. while in other fm the quality of the players made a difference and it didn't matter which tactic he used. while the other fm gave joy and desire to play. this fm20 only bores you so you just want to give up and never buy any again.
  9. your tactic Cerber v4 does not work with me I tried all you did. but neither is it your fault. since this fm20 is worse than i ever played in my life.
  10. fm20 still sucks. too many yellow cards. the opponents have an effective shot, shoot in goal 5 times to score 4. the forwards score as many goals as the rest of the other position. my right back has so many goals that my striker. players spend more time complaining to coaches than playing on the pitch. whenever you fight against your direct opponent between 1 and 2. he loses you lose too. everything seems programmed for that. they injure the best players with more severity. the game is too boring. fm19 is much higher. and the other fans too.
  11. put a new patch. and it gets 2 times worse than before. do the full-backs score more goals than the strikers ??? what game trash.
  12. Previous FM19,18,17, etc... felt it was being a coach . In this FM20 have wait ME decides. Looks like you're playing slotmachine .
  13. that's why unreal. the results of this fm 20 do not make results with players you have. when it's scheduled for you to lose. you lose. why is this garbage fm20
  14. fm game since champonship manager 92/93. this fm 20 makes sad. too many isolated goals fail. while the other team makes 2 shots and then 2 goals ??? 100% effectiveness of opponents always. the goalkeeper stopping at the outs. the defenders only start when the opponents pass by when you play against the last 15 players you are likely to lose more than 90%. the game is too unreal. want so much for difficulties in the players that end up with realism of the game. The fm has already lost its charm as a game. or it may be from the game's programmers who don't know anything about it. rip fm20
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