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  1. put a new patch. and it gets 2 times worse than before. do the full-backs score more goals than the strikers ??? what game trash.
  2. Previous FM19,18,17, etc... felt it was being a coach . In this FM20 have wait ME decides. Looks like you're playing slotmachine .
  3. that's why unreal. the results of this fm 20 do not make results with players you have. when it's scheduled for you to lose. you lose. why is this garbage fm20
  4. fm game since champonship manager 92/93. this fm 20 makes sad. too many isolated goals fail. while the other team makes 2 shots and then 2 goals ??? 100% effectiveness of opponents always. the goalkeeper stopping at the outs. the defenders only start when the opponents pass by when you play against the last 15 players you are likely to lose more than 90%. the game is too unreal. want so much for difficulties in the players that end up with realism of the game. The fm has already lost its charm as a game. or it may be from the game's programmers who don't know anything about it. rip fm20
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