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  1. @DaggerPaul and @Experienced Defender Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Honestly you made it lot clearer to me about that formation and also you both suggested (your own) assumptions on what to do with my team. Let me try your suggestions for a while and post the results back?
  2. Or if you dont have time please provide just a few links which explains a few formations, which roles shall i assign to each player, in possesion tactics, out of posession tactics, in transition tactics and which tactical style shall I choose for 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-2-1 or any other formation you recommend?
  3. As I. am lets say noob in this game.. do you recommend to change the formation so it will also have defensive "protection"? If you can help me by answerimg the below questions or provide a link I would very much appreciate it: 1) what do you recommend to do with the midfielders which are very closed to each axh other as you said? 2)Shall my CB be the same duties for the offsite trap? 3)what role shall I choose for the lonely striker? any different formation? 4)what do i need to do here:defensive (out-of-possession) instructions that are clearly asking for trouble 5) what do you mean: overlaps on both flanks coupled with already very attack-minded fullback roles (WB on attack) What do I need to do here? Looking forward to hearing from you mate. Any help/recommendations will be highly appreciated. If any misunderstanding of the above questions please let me. know and I will explain again
  4. Dear community, I hope you are all perfect. I might need your assistance as my Ajax strikers dont like to score. they prefer fat belly and lots of beers Mentality: Attacking Overall rating is really good. Please see below screenshots for your reference. If you need more please let me know. Last Match: Tactics: Training: Match Results: Thank you in advance guys
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