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  1. Hello guys. I'm wondering which tactic has bring you the most glory in your FM saves, in any FM game? I would like you to exclude Diablo tactic (wich is GOAT tactic) for CM 03/04 because it is already well known for its devastation and it doesnt work on modern PC computers (because it used exploit of older game version). Firstly I would like you to suggest some tactics and then I was thinking of creating a poll. My personal bests are: Mr. Hough unbeaten - FM10 Bluth 442 - FM15 Deep Sicilian Defence - FM16,
  2. V2 or original? For wich version is that tactic? Thx in advance
  3. I tried every version of your tactic and I didnt get nearly great result like people on this thread got. 70% of golas scored are from set pieces and i agree that tactics got great set pieces but other than that, In my opinion its mediocre tactics. I appreciate your work and hope that you will eventualy work out some great tactic. Cheers.
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