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  1. Hi TFF. Is "Runs with ball down left / right" a positive trait for left / right midfielders in Cerber?
  2. Hi TFF. I'm using Cerber and Fury combo. All positions play very well except CAM. He doesn't score or assist many goals. So I want to know what is his duty on the pitch.
  3. I feel that my Arsenal team only fits with 442 formations as when i applied tactics with one striker, they scored significantly fewer goals and my striker didn't even score. Now i go back to punisher tactic, it works wonderfully in my team
  4. @Totalfootballfan Does the stamina of players decrease significantly less when using time wasting tactic? Cuz i wanna save the players' stamina when my team has a hectic schedule
  5. so the engine of the retail version is better than the public beta?
  6. @Totalfootballfan is Raptors V4 as efficient as conqueror and destroyer in the public beta version?
  7. Hi TFF. I used Zeus in the first season and Raptor for the second one. Both worked magnificently. However, in the third season, I have lots of draw matches in away games. I can still win easily in home games. Why does it happen and can you recommend a way to improve results in away games?
  8. Hi Knap. Should I manage the individual training or leave it to assistants?
  9. @Totalfootballfan Hi, is the filter for Zeus V5 the same as V4?
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