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  1. My tactic is pretty much the same as yours. Defensively solid. I feel i'm getting good results against top teams but struggle a lot against weaker sides, winning by 1 goal (many from set pieces and penalties) and not creating a lot. My strikers are kinda useless too. Sometimes i put the AML as IF-A and the Striker as DLP-S or F9 but i'm still struggling a lot to score. Any hints?
  2. I have the split block already (5 front pressing more). Should i remove the Prevent Short GKD? My AMR is the top scorer, does it make sense making him an IF and have 2 IFs? All my wide players are either IW or IF and i dont like using pure Wingers.
  3. I've been trying to make my 4-3-3 focused on possesion work, but all I have are draws and 1-0 wins. I've taken ideas from some of the other 4-3-3 in this forum but it seems nothing works. The team lacks offensive power and though i'm not conceding a lot i fell that we're vulnerable to counters. Im trying to stretch the left side and overload the middle right with good passing players. I've tried the B2B instead of Mezalla but it seem worse attacking wise. Any suggestions/critics?
  4. The example i've told before. I'm playing with Porto and many of my key players were injured/suspended. I got a red card early in the game and CIty created many chances, but they kept on missing one after the other. This is clearly a sign that the ME is programmed to make the results balanced by unbalancing the game as it keeps happening. I managed to score 2 goals from penalties, both after long balls from the CB (Pepe is not the greatest passer in the game) where the defenders acted like fools. I'm not a master tactician or a FM genius, but i can see the flaws in the game. You can
  5. After some time being a casual reader here i've decided to register to give my 2 cents about the current ME. The image represents every game i'm a favourite., this one ended 1-1. A lot of big chances, 1 on 1 with the keeper, easy tap ins missed etc etc. My goal in this game was a rebound after a penalty (there's just too many). This happened against me this time, but i also managed a draw against City in a game i was totally trashed but they missed more than 7/8 easy goals. It's not fun playing this game once you see its flaws. I understand the de
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