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  1. Just a quick note for people, there seems to be a big difference for me on this patch between instant result/holidaying and watching the match. For me tactics that work great during a holidaying test didn't work when watching the matches. This wasn't the case for the last patch so something has definitely changed on 20.3.0. The ones that work for me well when watching the match are: Tea for one 34411 and Beowulf WAFKNAP 107 which is crushing teams (5-0 at home to Liverpool with a team predicted mid table) I'll attach them at the bottom, Tea for one 4222 also works quite well for me. Just in case people watching the matches are having trouble I tested them by playing Liverpool at home (mid season) 3 times each with each tactic to make sure it was consistent, these 2 beat Liverpool convincingly all 3 games each (Liverpool played with 4-3-3 in all matches) !FM20.2.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP107ALLCUPS.fmf 210952369_!FM20.2.4TeaforOne4222VOL2P105.fmf 1460721036_!FM20.2.4TeaforOneVOL34411p104EC.fmf
  2. Hi Knap, Is there an out and out attacking tactic for the new patch yet like Mad as a hatter on the last patch? Or should i just try that one? I want a tactic to use when i need a goal with 15 mins left. Tip for other players: Venom, Sympathy and Black Echo are a very good set to use for anyone that is wondering. If you watch the games start with cautious and see how it going after 20-25mins - Use mentality guide but also use your own knowledge of football to make mentality changes - Sympathy: Home top 6/Away top 10. Black Echo: Away bottom 10/Home 7-10. Venom: Home bottom 10 (this only applies to mid table or bottom half teams. If you are a top team most tactics should work on attack or positive depending on the opposition)
  3. Thanks Going to try it if i'm desperate for a goal with 15 mins left
  4. Venom and faith at home. Sympathy away and for top 6 home games Works a treat as a pair Only lost once in 9 games with a team tipped for relegation, i'm now 3rd in the table EDIT: Also change mentality to Cautious when starting all matches and see how you perform, change mentality during the game depending on what is happening in the game. There is a guide about it that Knap posted on the last page or the page before. You should deffo read through that.
  5. Something has definitely changed The players are making horrendous individual errors if you watch the highlights, they weren't doing any of this on 20.2.1 It's actually quite funny to watch (unless it's your player)
  6. Does anyone know what the match engine version was on 20.2.1? I'm sure it was m.e v2021 Now on 20.2.3 it's saying the match engine is m.e v2026 which means they've changed it for this patch Is that right?
  7. I use Mr U Rosler Stockport tactic away, 3 CB's, very solid I use Knap WULF 4132 at home (the 20.2 version), again very solid Change mentality to balanced if winning at 75 minutes, change to defensive if still winning after 87 minutes You need the right players to make both tactics work, determination is a must especially in the lower leagues I'm top of league 2 by 18 points with St Albans after 2 successive promotions
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