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  1. I can't believe what i'm watching! Outrageous 1864080597_!!!!FM20.4.0FireandWater4312P102FA.fmf
  2. Dear oh dear Knap..........WHAT THE HELL IS THIS TACTIC?!!? Yes my team is good but not as good as Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barcelona. They are all better no question, I've really struggled against them in the past seasons especially Liverpool who knocked me out of the Champions league and the EFL Cup last season. Make no mistake i literally battered the teams in these fixtures, hardly any of them had any decent chances, I know its only a handful of games but wow! The match stats have with the results have told me everything, incredible tactic well done Knap 1864080597_!!!!FM20
  3. Try this one but change the mentality to "Cautious", very good defensively and away against big teams 1666586950_!!FM20.3.0TeaforOne4222VOL2P100CC.fmf
  4. This one did well in my test against Man Utd at home. I watched all games on Key highlights 5 games in a row with the same tactic and same first 11 Results: Won 3: 4-1 / 4-1 / 2-0 Drew 1: 3-3 Lost 1: 1-2 We deserved to win them all, had more CCC's, more shots and more shots on target in all games Man Utd team is the 2nd best in the league according to Season Preview, my team is 7th best Man Utd played a 4231 number 10 formation, could be a good one to use at home against top 6 138857402_!!!FM20.4.0-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkwaysWSSVOL2P102CC.fmf
  5. Ahh well looks like season over for me. The league defeat to Everton has ended my league hopes, Man Utd put me out of the cup and now Athletic Club (the weakest team left in it) have knocked me out of the champions league The tactics are definitely weaker for me after the update, something has changed I'll keep plugging away and see if it improves (first update game was Man City EFL Cup Final) Have been using a mixture of Beowulf 442 WAFKnap 107 and Tea for one 4222 since the update
  6. @knap Lost on penalties to Man Utd away in the FA Cup, did quite well, quite even, used Tea 4222 with 'cautious' for most of the game. They had a player sent off in extra time Also attached my results since the update, the first game after the update was Man City EFL Cup Final Not been very good really as you can see how good it was before the update. Fulham and Southampton were the only good performances although Southampton had 3 CCC's but failed to put them away. Been mostly using Beowulf 442 WAFKnap since the update as it was the strongest for me before the update
  7. Yeah i understand that, all i'm saying is that something else they have changed has indirectly affected the match engine without them understanding why or knowing You can see it clear as day when you watch the highlights, things players did before the update they don't do anymore, they are moving and playing differently I've got Man Utd away in the FA cup next, i'm going for Tea 4222 and i'll use a mixture of attacking and cautious and i'll let you know how it goes Thanks
  8. I didn't realise the update was out until i started loading the game so couldn't stop it I've got a big Champions league game coming up so i haven't gone further than the Man Utd game yet as i wanted to make sure the tactics were still functional so my season doesn't go out of the window. I'm going to go with Beowulf 442 WAFKnap 107 (balanced) and Tea for one 4222 (more defensive) as those two looked the strongest (i didn't test all of your tactics, just an handful) I'll let you know how it goes later, thanks
  9. Then something they have changed has indirectly changed the match engine without them knowing as it's definitely different. You can tell just by watching the highlights and how the players are reacting. If they don't realise this well it's amateur hour isn't it?
  10. I have to echo what others have said and say something has definitely changed after the update. My next game in the league was home to Man Utd (i stuffed them at home in the CC before this game which was before the update) so i spent last night and tonight playing the same game over and over again with different tactics using the same line up (unless the tactic called for a couple of changes) All the tactics i've tried have been less effective than before or ones i haven't already tried were not effective. I don't just mean Knap's tactics, i've tried others from TFF, Korea, Lisa and
  11. Just a quick note for people, there seems to be a big difference for me on this patch between instant result/holidaying and watching the match. For me tactics that work great during a holidaying test didn't work when watching the matches. This wasn't the case for the last patch so something has definitely changed on 20.3.0. The ones that work for me well when watching the match are: Tea for one 34411 and Beowulf WAFKNAP 107 which is crushing teams (5-0 at home to Liverpool with a team predicted mid table) I'll attach them at the bottom, Tea for one 4222 also works quite wel
  12. Hi Knap, Is there an out and out attacking tactic for the new patch yet like Mad as a hatter on the last patch? Or should i just try that one? I want a tactic to use when i need a goal with 15 mins left. Tip for other players: Venom, Sympathy and Black Echo are a very good set to use for anyone that is wondering. If you watch the games start with cautious and see how it going after 20-25mins - Use mentality guide but also use your own knowledge of football to make mentality changes - Sympathy: Home top 6/Away top 10. Black Echo: Away bottom 10/Home 7-10. Venom: Home bottom 10 (t
  13. Thanks Going to try it if i'm desperate for a goal with 15 mins left
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