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  1. He is a phenom! Offer a new contract when possible to get rid of that release clause. 87m is too cheap to let him go imo
  2. It's great to see some activity on here again. Below are the purchases that have performed well for me in my first few seasons (plus the sum that they moved on for) and that I recommend to buy if available. I've put the season bought so other managers may be able to pick these up earlier for less if interested. 2020 Max wober 15.5m (sold for 44.5) Matt smith 6.25m (sold for 18) Pelayo Morilla 6.75M Mafias Arezo 2.7m (sold for 62) 2021 Ben white 35m (wouldn't join after loan spell, had to buy him my second season in the prem Max aarons 47.5m Erling haaland 32m 2022 Gian-luca Itter 4.4m Marin Pongracic 15.75m (sold for 47) Zinho vanheusden 21m Jude bellingham 32m Martin odegaard 3.1m (transfer listed) (sold for 103) Bryan gil 9.75m (sold for 40) 2023 Hudson-odoi 67m Lee kang-in 50m 2025 Reiss Nelson 17m (transfer listed) Luca connell 7.5m (transfer listed)
  3. 2022/23 recap Season didn't start off too well, but once I hit some form I never really looked back. Ended up 7th and won the FA cup beating Sheff Weds in the final, which gave me Uefa Cup group stage football. I had to tweak the tactic when facing the big 6, dropping the CM to CB (libero) and turning my half back to a DLP. Also changed my ST to pressing forward which helped Haaland dominate in scoring (Euro golden boy, prem & FA cup top scorer). Final transfers are below, key signings were Odegard (contract was up at end of season but paid a small fee to get him earlier) and Bellingham in Jan. Youth intake gave me sweet FA this year. Pre season 2023/24 Pongracic was the only player I was sad to lose. Pongracic's regen replacement comes in Jan so white & Harwood-Bellis will be getting more game time in the first half of the season. Strengthened the AMR position with Kang-In who impressed in pre-season and will hopefully improve our profile in S. Korea, and Gaitan the wonderkid. All other signings were youth players to hopefully develop and sell on for profit.
  4. 2021/22 summary It was a tough second half of the season. I was constantly bettering teams outside of the top 6, but possession and shots didn't amount to much in some games. Final Position:12th Player of the Season: Helder Costa Young Player of the Season: Matias Arezo Signing of the Season: Erling Haaland Youth intake only gave me one decent prospect. 2022/23 pre-season I Bolstered the defence by bringing in Itter, Vanheusden & Pongracic whilst trying to keep hold of the defensive players I already had. The big clubs came knocking for Butland, Komar & White and ended up losing Butland for 45m to Spurs. Big clubs also came hunting for all the main midfielders and strikers, but luckily (and sadly) I only lost Arezo to Liverpool for 62m upfront with another 13.5m in installments (only bought him for 2.7m). Harrison came back in to fill the hole left by Arezo, Gasparini came in for Butland and Hutvagner was brought in as a 3rd place keeper. Friendlies went well, beating Leicester (4-2), Valencia (2-0) & AC Milan (2-1).
  5. Ha, I attempted it on my own a few times 2021/22 Mid-season After a really poor start to the season (Almost got sacked) I'm sitting in 12th. Wober, Mckenna and 2 youth players have left the club with Haaland (finally!), G Taylor and Harwood-Bellis coming in.
  6. I just think the board are mega chill, especially if you seem to be doing well. I recall being turned down for help buying a player during a run of bad form, but have also had them accept everything (even buzing a plazer for me) when form is good #inradrizzaniwetrust
  7. I´ve just started my 3rd season (so sorry for the multiple screenshots). 1st season won the championship on the last day after a dip in form and had to battle it out with Brentford & Bristol City. 2nd season finished 9th after sitting in 6th (or around there) for most of the season but hit some bad form towards the end of the season. Tactics I´ve been using the below with a tweaked gegenpress style. It´s worked really well for me even though the leeds fans wonder why I stick with it if I don´t win a few in a row. Transfers First season I sold Ayling to Nice (4.5M), Berardi to Bologna (2.1M), Bamford to Ulsan (7M) & Forshaw to West Brom (3M). I picked up Daramy for the future and Diego Poyet as a backup player and to hopefully sell on in the future for a profit. In the January window, bolstered the backline with Foyth on loan fro,m Spurs and brought Lemos in too. Season two I worked on clearing the deadwood from the reserves and unfortunately had to sell Kalvin for 30.5M which made me unhappy, although it paved the way for Kenneh to start getting more game time along with new signing Adam Smith. I also got rid of Cassilas and Douglas for 5m each and brought in Butland and Wöber as replacements. Othe key signings were Arezo, Morilla, Juan Komar and Scott Mckenna. This past transfer window I dispatched with more squad/fringe players and started to focus on bringing in more quality players with plenty of years ahead of them. Ben White returned to Elland Road followed by Max Aarons and Reiss Nelson (loan). Key outgoings were Roberts (Uddersfield), Dallas, Cooper & Lemos (sheff Weds) and gjiani (SPAL). Very sad to let Dallas & Gjiani go but they were starting to get older and taking starting spots from younger, still improving players. This past window also saw the retirement of Hernandez who has now started a role as an under 18s coach. Current Squad Below is the squad for this season, and I´m pretty happy with the cover for each position. Shackleton did seem to be a mainstay in the CM position, but was out injured for a few weeks and Bogusz stepped in and hasn´t looked likely to give it back. Dylan Rouse is the only notable player to come throught he previous intakes.
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