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  1. I playing with Chelsea. I played for 3 month.No problem so far. Was a penalty 3 or 4 times. I will keep playing and if there is a problem i will inform you. Thanks for be interested. (Sorry for my bad english )
  2. the problem still continues I save game twice a month
  3. game does not crash when a penalty.Match does not continue.i can't go on vocation.i can't continue .I'm leaving the game myself because I have no choice so I'm not getting an error report. Now I'm try delete preferences I will inform you thank you for your answer
  4. First i sorry for my bad English.I have a problem since FM 2019.When there is a penalty the game freezes.I can't do anything.Only I exit the game and i play last save but this so boring because I have to get a save before every game I dont use logo and face pack please help me I want play FM and my game is original
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