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  1. I'd like to see: More variations on media and player comments There should be 100s of different comments instead of just recirculating the same one or two. BORING Instead of 2D Icons in match... Like in FIFA you can have a overhead view where you can see the head and shoulders of the players. In FM09 this should happen on a smaller scale though. You could see the shirts blowing in the wind on a match day. Map of clubs and grounds A map of all the clubs in the country where you select your team from at the start of the game. You should be able to zoom in on your team to see the local area with training ground and ground etc.. Also the map should show where sites are for new grounds to be built. 3D ground Like in TCM04 you should get the ground in 3D so you can easily see where to expand from. Change kits and badge with an in-game editor Like in TCM be able to select what areas you want to be in control of As some people don't want all this TCM/FIFA manager stuff in be able to select what areas you want to be in control of. Manager Bonuses eg if you play as Manchester United and win 8 trophies in 5 years you should get extra bonuses like being able to form your own club. Skin Just a thought it could get dirtier as you get into winter as the pitches do. Or just make the pitches do this more. Make every league different to play in Use a different colour skin for each league and make the play different. Training Make this actually make a difference - I want to be able to make players train in isolation sometimes or even take a really crap player and train him in isolation with shooting so he gets 17 finishing he will then have crap morale but quality shooting. Also when players get to 24 they cant improve. I want to do the above with players of any age. Fans A special fans page with local supporter groups, fanzines, arrests, banned fans etc. Also more ways to interact with them - weekly fans questions? Few others -Able to employ physciatrists (spelling) -In Premier league sort out the fixture problem like when i was managing United I had Arsenal H Spurs A Chelsea A City H -More motivational techniques - hire pre match strippers!! -Rent out stadiums for concerts -Weekly meetings with asst manager about training. Who did well - who didnt - who should be given a 1st team chance. -Be able to set a weekly plan of training like in TCM04. -When a player has to go to a specialist shouldn't this cost money as you are given the choice of specialist or physio and specailist takes half the time and is free..... -Mid season training camps abroad -Closed door friendlys -no more blanked out faces -When results go bad its too easy to give up as many people I know have done. The game should have more of a pull.
  2. My ideas for fm 08 Complete Club control - Be able to have complete control of the club like change the club's name (like Wimbledon - MK Dons) -Change club badge - Change the club's kit. There should be an additioniaonal program that comes with fm 08 where u can make a complete kit from scratch. You should be able to include sponsers and kit manufactures. - Stadium Expansion. You should be able to easilly expand the stadium without the board stoping it. Ive never been able to expand stadium in fm 05 +06. Again there could be a seprate program that comes with the game and you get a 3d model of any stadium and be able to expand it. This could be a bit like the stadium expansion in total club manager 2004. But if a stadium was expanded in a different program it should be noticed in the news. Moving Stadium - You should be able to move stadium like arsenl did with highbury. You could buy up plots of land or buy old stadiums like Plough Lane (former home of Wimbledon that hasnt been used for 15 years) Renting Stadium - You should be able to rent out your stadium for concerts and other sport events like old trafford and soccer aid. This would give the club more money. Training Facilities - Like with my idea for the stadium expansion you could expand the training complex in a model like with the stadium expansion idea. Lower league managers - You should be able to do a lot more trivial things in lower leagues like opting as manager to wash kits to build team moral. - advertising team. If you are managing a team in confrence you should be able to advertise team matches around the city to build attendances. - offering public team meetings. You could allow the team to have an afternoon with the public to build support. - team bonding sessions. before a season you could take your team out to play golf or on holiday with no WAGs. - arange charity events. - Have open trial days. This could be when you have a trial open to the genral public and you can scout for raw talent. Other stuff Have billionaires buy your club to give you more money. Sponsership - Have real life club sponsers and kit manufactures. Be able to buy adboards for the coming season. Sponsers should differ from league to league like Audi wont sponser barnet but a local sponser will. in match - If there is a better stadium expansion then you should be able to see the roof and adboards from the birds eye view. Squad numbers - these should not have to be done until about a week before the start of a season so that gives you more time to buy players. Have players refusing to paly for the team and players could have to have hospital operations. When you choose a team to manage you should get a map of the counrty your team is in showing where teams are in the country. Might be educational!
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