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  1. Hope we'll see a patch fairly soon rather than the usual one in March or whenever. Really in the mood to play fm but even 5 minutes watching the ME takes that all away
  2. Centre backs (and opposition strikers on attack duty) hang around the half way line when the ball is in the final third. This occurs regardless of any team instructions. This is very outdated. In real life, in particular for the top teams, they advance well into the opposition's half. No pkms attached as its extremely easy to replicate this problem, it happens with every team in every game
  3. I don't understand why a pkm is necessary in this instance. It's not a difficult to replicate bug or something, it happens every single game to every single team
  4. Teams aren't nearly compact enough. Centre backs and the opposition's strikers remain on the half way line when the ball is in the final third which is very out of date, particularly for the top teams
  5. Is there any way to make centre backs sit higher up the pitch? They seem to stop at the half way line whereas in real life teams like City will sit their cbs a lot higher
  6. Is there any way to stop wingers (the position, not the role) on attack drifting really wide when defending? Really destroying my defensive shape and doesn't seem very realistic either
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