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  1. does anybody still play this style in fm20. i am an old school only comm player but transitioned once fm made the only comm experience quite clunky slow and poor layout. what is your set up? what speeds? is it possible to get the old school match overview + match stats layout? look forward to hearing if theres anyone still out there, thinking of going back due to this years poor 3d and animations masewell use my own memory.
  2. is it possible to have an fm11 style overview as i play in only commentary?
  3. People on this forum are at times cult like in their defence. The man has a right to be damn annoyed after paying £40 of his money for an enjoyable experience in return. That being said its been clearly stated the issues and the fact its been a struggle to find the right balance, what with the puzzle the ME clearly is. There is a duty of both sides us to support SI and be patient and not give up as its easily forgotten that si have brough 20 odd years of enjoyment and they havent shelved it and given up but that hasnt happened so lets not give up now ey. Then the duty of si to be open and honest, we know its not a huge studio and compared to most the workload and communication of devs is top notch for the relative turnover, but also the need to be efficient and mabe the me is getting a bit too complex and needs simplifying i dont know i wont being to know whats behind the works. Point is as much as its very frustrating and both need to understand that were allowed to be upset with the delays and clear complexity, we need to be constructive and discuss how we can make it better for eachother because lets be honest alls us fans and devs want is a good game and to have fun for 9 months or so, lets keep faith and lets figure out the best way to deal with this match engine for everyone
  4. Confused does it have zero effect? Whys it still even here if so
  5. just to add, why is it not possible to play attacking with high lines and high pressing and still be solid why do we always have to drop the lines and drop this and that, fair enough maybe few less instructions as positive adds some risk anyway, but look at liverpool and most other teams, 2 CBs and a DM near the halfway line is more than enough to deal with counters, why cant it be this way in game, id like to see on average how many times liverpool concede on the counter or a city or someone who leave 3 back and let the other 6 go forward
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