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  1. Hi, i am playing with LowRes and 85% zoom and Ive got a few questions 1. How Can I Delete the DNA and making Number 2 a bit wider ? And How Can I delete Number 3 on the picture ? Sorry for my english haha
  2. Exactly not, I’m sorry but everything is working fine, right now
  3. The One I uploaded on SI Cloud is the problem save. As I said everything went well but since January I need nearly 15-30mins to go through a day. I mean, since FM19 it is normal for me playing with such a huge database. I’ve got a laptop but this shouldn’t be the problem because fm19 went well and bevor the winter update my older save on fm20 went well too. But the new save, including winter updates the slow passing through a day thing happened. And I changed nothing. Edit: I’m not quite sure what I’ve done but it is working better now. So on the other Thread there was a Problem with
  4. I thought that you thinking about that. But this isn’t the problem, on my save before I had the same amount of players and it works perfectly, it doesn’t has something to do with that
  5. Dont know If I did it correctly but uploaded it two times with the Name: Sultan Chaudhry - Borussia Dortmund.fm Hope u can fix it as fast as possible
  6. Hello everyone, so after the update I started a new save game with Dortmund. And the first half of the season was fine, but since January on my game it is really frustrating. now It takes hours to go through a day and when it finally starts and is working well after a few days (lets say Monday takes hours, Thursday and Wednesday went well, but Tuesday takes again hours to be completed i just saw that nothing happens and start taking a shower and after coming back it is still loading this is really frustrating and time wasting. I did everything I can do, like clea
  7. Thank you, I'll go for it too and Report u back !
  8. I would say yes, but it is really a mix. Sometimes it is a counter play and /with balls over the top, sometimes it is an individual mistake by Hummels ( which happens really often in the last few games) and then there are possession plays By the enemy. Making 20-30 passes and then scoring the goal, lust but not least quite often after the corner taken. I didn’t concede much to be honest, the highest loss was the 3-0 loss against Leverkusen, but as I said it is a mix of all
  9. I'will give it try ! Thanks for ur advice I removed the ppm "Looks for pass rather than shoot" from brandt so he can be a better IF A but it seems like it is not working well .. Let’s see how it works and I will response to your advice after a few games 1 Question : should I stick with balanced or better playing with positive ?
  10. Oh what I meant is that the games against spurs, Bayern or Leipzig was really good, it was the first time winning these games. But then those winless streak begins, after my big win against Bayern. Now Sitting 5th in the Bundesliga, and didn’t win the last 6 or 7 games against teams like, hoffenheim, Mainz, Wolfsburg and a loss in the dfb cup against Hertha :/
  11. Hello Everyone, So after having a great start in the Bundesliga and Champions League we struggle winning games. We didn’t win the last 6 games and before that we played against Benfica, spurs, Bayern and Leipzig and did really well but now it goes down like the titanic and I don’t why. I thought this is the tactic I need for fm 20, I’m not scoring a lot of goals and my striker isn’t scoring much and the overall performance of all players are pretty low, but I was winning matches and won the season before the DFB Cup Im no expert about tactics but finding a good tactic this year seem
  12. Hello Everyone ! Are u playing through a season with only 1 tactic or do u use different tactics through your season or save ? I started with fm19 and stick with my one and only tactic and won champions league and Bundesliga quite often but since playing fm20 nothing really works well with my tactics and now after the Public beta I’m trying to imitate Klopps Gegenpressing in my save he’s playing home games with 4231 Wide and away 4141 with inside forwards Im imitating these 2 tactics and my home games are going well but with my away games I’m struggling and
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