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  1. Not referring to watch the highlights, The option to watch the game live.
  2. Yes, they are different, the IAs matched are calculated on the premise of a % of probability of the bigger team beats the smallest, the prove of that is a tendency of the results if you play a specific IA vs IA match over and over, the results is the same, I'm not telling watching the game, just the milliseconds result pressing the continue button, if you watch the game then the story changes, you will have a more random result the same as happens when you play. Never used the word cheating, because this is not a real IA, this is just a super basic programming where the opposition when is losing is programmed to do *THIS* and if its winning is programmed to do *THAT*, period, it doesn't learn anything, and it never create their tactics, every IA manager has a preset of tactics that use, and that's all. Another prove of that is you have dozens of factors which can ruin your progress in the game, ex. if you don't play X player, the player gets angry and the player go to public making a scandal now half of the team hates you by the way you treat him, this kind of things can happen in the game to a human player, however this rule don't apply to any IA team, just take the homework and look team by team in your playable leagues and see if there is a team with those kinds of issues, never found any(and I play with 9 leagues simultaneously), just some random player angry for not playing, and don't be telling me because the IA has everything in order or it's doing the job well etc... This kind of things are not cheat, is just that there is some features that are available to the player and not programmed to the IA, if all IA's of the game had the possibility to do all the interactions of the human, the process calculation of the game should require a super computer to continue day by day, however the days runs fast, this is another example and another handicap which can result in a bad form.
  3. No, who really don't understand the rules of a real football game is you, and yes, I have tried to switch to a defensive tactic or defense attitude + waste time when IA attacks but this should not be the way to win the match against a smaller team, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't , and the opposition scores anyway, Brazil does not switch to defensive when they are 2-0 winning and suddenly Scotland or Iceland switch to an attacking formation and add an extra striker. Real game does not work that way. The rules for IA(and i use this word but this is not a real IA) vs IA matches and Human vs IA matches are completely different, specifically those matches computed in seconds. For example, when you play a match, and you replay it with exactly the same tactic and same formation, the result should be basically the same, but it never happen this way again, you can lose a game 1-2 then replay it and win 5-0, so it is not a tactical issue. Now when IA vs IA plays in milliseconds, and you repeat it again, the score may not be exactly the same but the tendency is almost the same, not a 1-2 and then a 5-0. And this is a handicap. When you talk about change tactics etc.. in real world change tactics should be ok, but not here, prove of that is the tactic forum where in almost every version of the game there is a Super Tactic where wins everything, and hundreds of threads to download them, do you know why? Just because rationalize a match does not work in this scenario, now I think you don't understand nothing if you think you win some matches because of study of the opponent, there's tactics which works and others not. In the team chat after match, when you criticize the team I do it simple because is something completely logic, and this should not be so determinant to the future of the team in the league, the players are not 5 years old boys who get offended and go to cry with mama, I think you are one of the guys who like the rainbow color flag in the stands of the game or are happy when one of the players came out of the closet. This bad form problem is pandemic on this version of the game, dozens complaining about it. What I think people want is, some guide of what to do in specific scenarios, the "Shout" fr example, because my interpretation of shout something may be different of the guy who programmed this, maybe I think if the player is Calm I should shout Show some passion, however the programmer code that the best approach was Push Forward, I don't know, what I mean is, I have been playing this game since the 95 version, and every new version adds interesting features which should be explained better instead of leaving the player trying to understand what to do, based on a personal cognitive matter.
  4. Love the game, being playing this game for decades, the 19 version has some features in the game itself which I like to share and would love to read other player opinions, for example the sudden bad form, when you lose a match against a weak team and make an aggressive comment about how they played badly, your season ended, there's no way to make the team win again, I have made a lot of experiments, playing the same save game several times changing the after game chat, or trying to make other things, but same result, season over, I don't know if this happen to you guys, other thing that I have noticed is that when you are playing against IA and IA manages a smaller team than you, that team has more % of scrapping points of you than when they play against another bigger IA team, and I think this is due that the game itself has different rules than fast scores IA vs IA. I have played for example 3 games in a row where smaller teams scored against me 2-3 goals in last 5 minutes, 3 games in a row!!, however that never happen to others IA league challengers teams playing against small teams. When I saw those unrealistic events happen I reset the game, but that makes the game really frustrating. I have read lots of people trying to make an explanation and trying to rationalize what happens, saying, that's because the players lost confident etc.., guys, this is not real people with feelings, that's numbers in a computer, and the results of those number interactions don't obey to something rational, its the result of a programmer code, I really really love if there's some manual where we could understand what we should do or when to "shout" in the middle of the game, or when we have to substitute a player, If a player is super tired and in a real life game you substitute him for a similar level player, your team would improve, however in this game the substitution result is a Pandora box, and the result of that substitution will be a random result, sometimes I don't know if to change player or not, logic tells me to do that, however in hundreds of games I made that Logic and rational change and 3 minutes later, the smaller team scores in 90+5 minutes equalizing the score. I think all those things are what we want to see fixed in the 20 version.
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