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  1. I used the tactic for roughly two months. It does well on the attack but sometimes when facing 5 at the back formations, my team kind of poops its pants. No I had a question about the counter tick box setting, though. If I recall correctly, it lowers the threshold for triggering a counter-attack. When a counter-attack triggers, the mentality shoots up to the maximum setting until the phase of play ends. So what would be the key difference between increasing the tempo and using the counter box? Q1. Also the false 9, in certain cases, can I go for a PF-A for more direct play from him? As for the Mezalla on the left, I replaced Pogba who went to P$G for Federico Valverde who can go forward a bit but is much more solid defensively. He switches around with Fred to keep fitness. Ajer and McTominay handle the CM-d position and so far, so good. Q2. What was your reasoning behind using a BPD-co? I've always avoided the stopper and cover roles because I want my defense to always stay in shape. Q3. How do I stop opposition fullbacks bombing forward and putting in far-post crosses? As of now, I am having to make my AMR/AML mark them. Are there any alternatives?
  2. Thank you! This has worked great except for the Europa League final to Arsenal on penalties. They really had us with the fullbacks bombing forward and putting in far post crosses. But I think Brandon had a bad game. I'll use this tactic for a season or two and see what I learn.
  3. Fast attacking. Don't want counter-attacking because most of the teams I will line up against will play defensive or cautious against me from the get go. I used the 4-4-1-1 to use the attacking midfield options I have in Bruno, Gomes, and Mejbri. Don't want to have to sell them. Any formation works, really. I'll use the tactic as a base to tinker with. Thank you for the help!!
  4. I did read most of Cleon's work. Unfortunately, I did follow the advice and set the team up according to what I read but what I am thinking is not translating into the game since my understanding of the mechanics is pretty spotty.
  5. I'm sorry 😭, I have save-scummed since FM08 and only now trying to make tactics that actually work. I would like to know how you would set up the team to play a fast style of football that takes advantage of the many quick players I have.
  6. I've switched things up a bit as you can see, as per everyone's advice. Does this work for a fast attack? I've just started to train it.
  7. I have a lot of pace to burn up front. This is what I had in mind Balanced mentality because I want to wait and see what mentality fits the match. Shorter passing because I want the ball moved around in defence until it goes to Pogba or Mata to start the counter attack. There's also the option of my IW bringing the ball forward and either releasing my AF or Winger(att). There's also a natural overlap behind him that the CM(d) can target with a long diagonal. Treq in the middle (will be Bruno) who's only job is to find space in the final third to set up the AF. I'm a bit on the fence about Pogba's role as DLP. I don't think this team needs two playmakers. I first considered a BBM but that would mean losing my shape in midfield and compressing the area my Treq has to move around. I am really thinking about letting Pogba be a CM(s) with his PPMs doing the rest. Pogba's PPMs Since the winger on the right is going narrow with the attack option, an overlap right is set up to create an overload in the wide areas. Take long kicks because that's the only way of distribution that works consistently with DDG. More urgent pressing because I want to win the ball back as soon as it nears the halfway line Play out of defence is also another TI I am unsure of. I have some good CBs that can pass well and more on the way from both the youth team and signings. If playing out the back will slow down the game, I don't think that's much of a good idea but at the same time, I don't want my CBs to hoof the ball into god knows where.
  8. If I use more General (deep blue color) training sessions than the specialised ones (e.g. Tactical, Techincal etc blocks), do the player attributes grow slower compared to the other blocks?
  9. Let's say I train a session in Attacking Overlaps before a match. Will my team perform better on the overlap or are the only sessions that are relevant have "Upcoming Match" in their descriptor? I know that training affects attributes but does it affect playstyle?
  10. I have a few quick players with decent finishing (Man United) on the wings. How can I utilise the playmaking strengths of say, someone like Pogba or Bruno like Ziyech here to get the inside forwards to score from the far post? Video here [Nouman on Instagram]
  11. Wow literally fixed my tactic with one reply. I was ready for those multi-page threads I keep seeing where people set up overly aggressive tactics with 25+ shots then whine why they aren't scoring. Thanks again for the help! Best community ever.
  12. Thank you so much for the insight. That looks like what I am aiming for so I'll go and test it out immediately. It'll take some time before I have more questions. However, I see that you used a BPD-d on the right hand side. What difference would that make in the overall picture? Won't a higher-DL with standard-LOE cause more through balls over the top?
  13. So I've went through 6 seasons in separate saves with United trying to fix a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation. Although I had a lot of success with a 4-4-2 in one season, I started struggling against teams in the second season who would often sit back with 5 defenders. My idea was to set up a 4-3-3 that would use Pogba as its primary creator (with a few goals from midfield thanks to his PPMs) along with using Rashford's raw pace to get in behind defenses from the left which is why I have Martial or Greenwood in the middle playing as a DLF-a. Martial can also swap with Rashford on the left if I need more dribbling down the wings and pace up front. However in most games, the following happen: By the time my players get into place, the opponent has consolidated defensively Players get locked up in tight spaces and attempt speculative passes Midfield barely has any movement past their markers Play will get congested out wide where opposition wingers and fullbacks shut out any play. IF-a on the left often dribble into mazes and try fanciful shots. Team gets vertically compressed and gets caught out on the break. What I'd like to happen Players move the ball around in midfield, moving the opponents markers around until space opens OR Get the players to quickly move the ball horizontally across and making runs in behind the defense. However, I am unable to balance the side to do my bidding as they tend to be very selfish most of the time. I also Kristoffer Ajer and Alex Telles. Their contracts have been finalized so couldn't include them in the screencaps.
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