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  1. Bit of a weird one this one, every since ive been using FM2020 ive been having a few problems with using it on both Macbook Pro and iMac. Using the game on the Macbook Pro the game crashes just before the start of a game, the screen will freeze but eventually load into the game about 10 minutes later, it will then lag extremely poorly. It has come to the point by where I have had to download a skin from FMScout which has an "Instant Result" button on it just to continue with a season. In regards to the iMac, I have downloaded steam onto the computer and logged into my account before installing FM2020, the game will make it as far as the loading screen before crashing, this has happened on a number of occasions. Im not to entirely sure as to why both of the issues are happening but any advice on them will be helpful.
  2. Having a real problem at the minute with FM2020, playing it one Macbook Pro and on separate occasions the game crashes on the "Teams warming up" message just before the game starts, it will take roughly 10 minutes for the game to start and then the graphics during the game are extremely laggy..... Its really affecting my experience with this game, didn't have any problems with FM2019 on this Macbook but now having a lot of issues with FM2020! Any advice?
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